Tuesday, March 02, 2010

[News][2010.03.02] With SS501 fans... 501Day is comeback day!

Thanks XiaoChu for sharing this translation. Once again, we can confirm the news that SS501 is going to release their new album on 1 May and there's no mentioned of them leaving DSP AT ALL! The previous speculations of them leaving DSP, nah! Who say so! Heee.....

They will always be our SS501, to turn old together with us! ^^


Credits : Donga.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

[News][2010.03.02] With SS501 fans... 501Day is comeback day!

01-May Comeback... Preparing for album

Quintet male group SS501 will be coming back to their fans on 01-May.

It will be 7 months after they release their mini album ‘REBIRTH’ in October last year. The time for SS501’s comeback has been confirmed on ‘501 day’ which is similar to their group name and they are currently in the midst of making the album.

It has not been decided if this album will be an official album or a mini album. However, regardless of what type of album to be released on 01-May, they will return with a whole new image.

Company representative said “They had very short window of activities for their ‘REBIRTH’ album which lasted about a month, in respect to perform locally after a while, they have a lot to show to the audience. They will have a longer period of activities and to be together with their fans.”

These days, SS501 members are engaged in their solo activities as actors, acting in musical plays and etc, as well as concentrating on their Asia Tour Concert in 6 countries including Japan, Taiwan, China, etc.

SS501 greeted their fans during their Asia Tour Encore Concert held on 27-Feb at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium, saying “We have prepared a lot in order to repay to our fans who have waited for us for a long time. Just wait awhile more and you will be able to see a changed SS501 image.”


helen said...

I'm get ready to be "Giraffe" to pull my neck longer in order to wait for this attractive album....wishing Leader could keep his promise during his last year DK party that he will be well prepared for a new dance ..like Rainism ...very eager to see...heheheehehheeee

I guess 圆圆동생 has already received YS's curry and Mini UFO has also got Leader's Red Bull...in order to thanks for both of your great work to keep updating their concert information so efficient and touching message!!!!

Again...Take a good sleep ...otherwsie ..Leader and YS can't recognize both of you one day......if both of you kept going to sleep so less hours..heheheeheeeee

cheers, helen from hk

圆圆동생 said...

JM: teen need to sleep early

i m no longer a teenager :|

Mini UFO said...

YS: Sleep late will be fat...

How ar?

*Quickly fly away because 동생 throw stone*

helen said...

thanks Mini UFO for the health information..i only know sleep late will looks old easily....hahaahahaha

damn it..i didn't drive my personal plane tim...definitely Yuan Yuan could easily throw stone to me ...hahahhhhheeeee

cheers, helen from hk

Wendy said...

Ahhh, new image? Now I'm really curious but have to wait 2 months. I really like Leader's hair at the encore concert. I'm afraid they will style it another "new" way. I have not heard what type of drama he will be working on...excited about that drama already.

Anonymous said...

ah excited . cannot wait alrd .

wait. wont the promotion period will clash with the world cup which will also be in may?

ah i hope world cup will not affect them .