Thursday, March 04, 2010

[Photo] Maknae in Music High [2010.02.26]

Here's one official photograph released in Music High Official website. Not sure when it was taken though.

P/S: Thanks Umeko for her ultra sharp eyes! She managed to spot the dates on one of the paper Maknae was holding on. This was taken during 26 February.


Credit: SBS Music High Official Site + no1ss501 @ SS601
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Umeko said...

I think it was taken on 26th Feb cos the picture of the script he was reading has that date.

Mini UFO said...

WOW! Umeko! I salute you! You really have sharped eyes!!! I didn't even notice that! Ok! Good! At least now I can give a time stamp to the pictures! ^^

ran said...

the last pic is so random :p

Umeko said...

Thanks! It's nice to see Baby in regular clothes. His scribbling is also very cute.

Sugar Chan said...

나가 또한 안경알을 가져오고 싶은 헨리 Jundai 안경알 좋은 사랑스러운 ~!!!!! 좋은 사랑 헨리 나의 잘생긴 ><