Sunday, March 07, 2010

[Photo] Park Jung Min Company

This China TS went for Encore concert and went to JM company too^^
The Desk is where JM work

Repost with full credit
Credit: LoVeCryZh绝对不花(charlene)


turtle said...

Wow! she's so lucky! first time i see microwave oven on office desk. haha.

圆圆동생 said...

tht 1 at the side is toast bread?


turtle said...

I think so. And very soon, i think he will have a mini fridge to store all his tonics!

ran said...

LOL at jungmin's office
no computer, but got microwave and bread toaster :p

圆圆동생 said...

thre is a CPU on the floor
the monitor is right behind the "microwave"

♥_얍카이_TRIPLE S 4eVeR_♥ said...

LOL. I cant stop Laughing. =D
I've never seen Microwave and Bread toaster on a Office deck.
JUNG MIN ya!! hahha...xDD

圆圆동생 said...

maybe tht toast bread lookalike is a note counter leh?

and tht "microwave" is actually to heat up his tonic soup =|