Saturday, March 06, 2010

[Video] Jung Min @ 'Style Magazine 2010 - What Women Want' Ep 3

I have so many things in my mind until I overlooked on Jung Min's OnStyle Magazine 2010 - 'What Woman Want' Ep3. Sorry CEO Park! I saw your pouting mouth! I will not do it again. ^^


Credit: 501스런하루 @ SS601 + SS501MiniUFO
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Jung Min Style Magazine 2010 - What Woman Want Ep 3A

Jung Min Style Magazine 2010 - What Woman Want Ep 3B


sha filan said...

where's epi 2?
i tot only epi 1 featured jung min...ekeke
never know it's up until 3 already...hehe

Mini UFO said...

*Jung Min pouting*

*Why u didn't watch my Ep 2 last week*

Whispers said...

Have you seen this:

leader is being praised for his cooking skills ^_^
poor guy.. if he knew about this, he would find it troublesome heheh like that time when he has been selected as the best idol to spend Valentine with or was it about going on trip with *lost my memory again* he said something like what would I gain from that because he had to spend some money on the girl kekkek

sha filan said...

sorry jung min!
but i love to see you pouting jung min!!!
pout some more!!!