Sunday, September 13, 2009

Do you feel something missing when our Sexy Charisma is not around?

Saw these photographs of our Sexy Charisma Jung Minie in Baidu. It was taken during the "Boys over Flowers" Premium Event on 5 Sept 09 by PHeromin. By the way, maybe you want to know more about him, even some simple news from him. According to one baidu fan, he replied to her UFO message yesterday.

This is one of the UFO message:
Fans: Jung Min, what are you busy with these few days, we don't have any of your news and miss you. Knew that you won't be at Shenyang on 13 Sept, I am a little disappointed, but hope you can use this free time to rest. Love you.
[정민] 저는 건강하니까 걱정말아요^^ 다음기회가있으니 그떄 꼭봐요
Translation: I am very healthy, don't worry ^^ There will be a next chance. Meet again next time.

Hope this little 'sweet' can cheer you up for not seeing Jung Min in both SDA & Shenyang today.


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Janaya said...

Yay~ thanks for the news! I've been feeling a bit frustrated not seeing Jung Min around and no one's saying where he is or what he's doing!

As much as I love Kyu, Saengie, and Baby, I can't help but miss my two favorites XD;

liezle said...

hi cagali! i'm shoving your ONLY the UFO translation on my blog i hope you don't mind. of course with proper credit.


Charity said...

I miss Jung Min too. How is he?
Jung Minnie, if you're reading, please give us an upate. When we can see you again together with the rest of the members?
Hoping you see you soon.