Friday, September 11, 2009

Flower basket sent by Leader to Fans

Wow! I nearly missed out on some 'PRECIOUS TREASURES'!!!! When I saw these photographs of flower baskets I thought that it was given by fans. Only when I visit then I realized I missed out a great treasure!!! This flower basket was sent by leader!!!! Thanks for VIVID from hyunjoongchina, you really make my day! Lalalalala.... \(^^)/

Opps! Yah!! I must say: "Thank you leader..... for thinking of the fans even when you are not feeling well! Get well soon!! and Congratulations on winning the Best Actor Award!"

P/S: The flower basket was sent to the Seoul International Drama Award event location.


Credit: SS601 + (Chinese translation) VIVID@ + (English translation)
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This is the content on the card:

Really appreciate the love of all my fans
I will come back soon to be together with everybody
Love all of you

From: Kim Hyun Joong


TripleS - Malaysia said...

Hi Cagali!

I just saw this repost by Liezle earlier. Thanks for the news!

Leader is really the best, he cares so much for the fans who are so worried about him. Luv him more. Wish he get well soon.


marge0256 said...

Thanks for this update. I've been missing SS501 the past few days, espeically leader since he's sick. Where was this poster and flowers put up? He's the sweetest. He loves the fans so much. :)

Mini UFO said...

Yes! Leader is the best! Even when he is sick, he still think of the fans! He should be just resting..... Aww..... This is why I am so happy now! :)

Oh Marge0256, the flowers were sent to the Seoul Drama Award event location.

liezle said...

cagali, forgot to leave my footprints here. i shove one of your trans again on my blog. thanks!

have a great weekend.


Nicky said...

hi cagali! thanks for this update is so sweet of Leader to think of his fans even when he is sick ...Kim Hyun Joong is LOVE!

Jericho said...

Anybody know what's message from Leader with the flowers? If last year's winner get to give away the award to this year's winner like Li JunKi, then next year we will get to see Leader on stage in next year's ceremony! Yippy!