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Kim Hyun Joong confirmed to have the swine flu in Japan

Below is a report posted in Cafe Daum in Korean Daily News on
입력시간 : 2009/09/08 22:28:25

Original korean news:
Headline: 그룹 SS501 김현중 일본서 신종플루 확진

TV드라마 '꽃보다 남자'에 출연해 큰 인기를 모은 그룹 SS501의 멤버 김현중(23)이 일본에서 신종플루 확진 판정을 받았다.

SS501 의 소속사 DSP미디어는 "김현중이 일본에서 신종플루 확진 판정을 받아 도쿄의 한 병원에 입원했다"고 8일 밝혔다. DSP미디어는 "SS501이 말레이시아 홍보를 마치고 4일 입국, '꽃보다 남자' 홍보를 위해 5일 일본으로 출국해 6일까지 요코하마에서 이벤트를 여는 동안 김현중이 고열을 호소했다"며 "7일 도쿄로 이동해 진단한 결과 8일 신종플루 확진 판정을 받았다"고 밝혔다.

김 현중은 한때 열이 39.5도까지 올랐지만 치료를 받은 뒤 열이 내려가고 있는 상태다. 하지만 보름 가량 병원에서 격리치료가 필요하며, 완치가 돼도 닷새 정도는 입국이 어려울 것으로 알려졌다. SS501의 다른 멤버들은 신종플루 의심 증세를 보이지 않아 7일 귀국했다.

최근 SBS 드라마 '태양을 삼켜라'의 스태프 4명이 미국 라스베이거스에서 촬영 후 신종플루 판정을 받은 적이 있으나, 연예인이 신종플루에 걸린 것은 처음이다. 일본에서는 아이돌그룹 뉴스의 멤버가 최근 신종플루 판정을 받아 충격을 주기도 했다.

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Kim Hyun Joong confirmed to have the swine flu in Japan by Reporter Kim Hae Kyung

He is currently in a hospital in Tokyo as confirmed on the 8th. DSP says: "After finishing up promotion in Malaysia, Kim returned to Korea on 4th, then left for Japan on the 5th for the "Boys Over Flowers" promotion until 6th. During this time, he complained of very high fever. On the 7th, he was transferred to Tokyo for diagnosis and through tests, confirmed on 8th that he has the new flu or the swine flu."

At one time his fever went up to 39.5 degrees celcius, but after receiving treatment, his temperature is going down. However, he needs to be quarantined in the hospital for about 15 days. Even if he fully recovers, he still needs to stay in the hospital for 5 more days at least before he is certified to leave the country, The other SS501 members left on the 7th after confirming that they do not have any signs of the flu. (What about the other BOF cast members that came in contact with him??)

Beside the 4 staff members of another SBS Korean drama who caught the flu in Las Vegas, Kim Hyun Joong's case is the first entertainer to receive the diagnosis. This news is a shock to all.


20 Full days! Okay now he will have his deserved rest. Sleep as long as he can, read as much comic as he wants! Though it is in a bad way. H1N1 if detected early, could be cured by proper medication. At least he is in a country with high tech medical facilities, so we should feel relief also.

Wish that he will fully recovered in these few days and then for the rest of the quarantine days have a deserve rest so that he can have extra strength and fitness to handle to his busy schedules in the next few months.

Next to come will be their come back, Taiwan concert, Dream concert, Fan meeting with Japan TS, Shanghai concert, Hong Kong concert, Singapore concert, Malaysia concert, Thailand concert, etc..... and if it is true like what they have previously mentioned Vietnam, Philippines are also in the list! In between, he will have extra individual work like CF, fan meetings etc.

Therefore, it is also like a blessing in disguise now that he can have his deserved rest now. (Don't bash me! I know you might want to see him soon.... but I think I would rather he had more rest and present a healthier body than keep hearing him fainting, sick, etc....)

Get well soon leader and rest well. Hope DSP will keep us update constantly with leaders condition. Let us know about the rest of the guys also. At least we need to know they are doing well also. No news of Young Saeng till now, missing in action?!

BTW, Hongkong concert date is confirmed on 12 December 09 at Asia World Arena. I will keep you updated once I have more details.


xlodvnava said...

I hope he gets better soon. you're right he should take a rest now since he always get sick nowadays..

Nicky said...

Hi Cagali! I am hopeful that SS501 will perform in the Philippines as well. I will surely go home for that event ^_^

Thanks for the update and am glad to know that Leader's condition has gone better.

Rest well Leader!

Jericho said...

We will miss him on 11/9! What a pity but glad that he get the dire need for a rest at last. Read that SS501's Singapore concert will be around Christmas time!

Wanyi said...

What is a shock! Well, I agree with you that this is a good chance for him to have take his deserved rest. Sleep as long as he can, read as much comic as he wants! Hope he will recover soon. Rest well, leader!