Monday, September 14, 2009

[News] Kim Hyun Joong personnally confirmed "I will be back to meet everybody after 2 weeks."

Credit: Newsen news + SS601 + (chinese translation) julieann@ + (english translation)
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When will Kim Hyun Joong who contracted new influenza and currently having medical treatment in Japan come back to meet everybody?

After attended the 5 & 6 Sept KBS 2TV "Boys over Flower" promotional events, Kim Hyun Joong had consistent high fever and was sent to hospital immediately. He was confirmed diagnose with new influenza and currently was quarantine for medical treatment.

After medication, his condition has greatly recovered. it is understood that recovery period might be at least half a month, but be mentally prepare that the medical treatment period might extend to one month. Kim Hyun Joong's mother had arrived at Japan on 9 Sept to personnally take care of Kim Hyun Joong for the long medical treatment.

Another news which made fans worried was rumour which said another SS501 members also contracted new influenza and was hospitalized. But this was not confirmed. (Well, we knew it IS not correct, it was the dancer who contracted AH1N1)

On 14 Sept morning, in a MBC interview program, one SS501 Management company, DSP internal personnel revealed: "Kim Hyun Joong current condition is very good. His health is better. He personally confirmed, after 2 weeks, he would be fully recovered and meet with everybody.


quynh_perfectionist said...

yay leader!!!
rest and come back w/ your 4D-ness and smile that i love soooo much :)

Jericho said...

So if it is really 2 wks later then we will get to see him on 26 Sept?