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[Mag] Hyun Joong Leader in Fans Magazine Sept 09

As promise, last item for Leader's Day! Magazine translation for Fans Magazine Sept 09. First 2 pages completed, the rest will be posted progressively.....
At last, I completed the translation for leader's section. I will continue with the section on SS501 in Beijing Fan meeting in another post. (Completion date unknown.... :P)


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Cover Star

SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong, shot a series of MVIO Fall/Winter Series which was endorsed by him. As it was summer, it was really torturing for leader Kim to wear all these thick and warm clothings. During the shooting process, Kim Hyun Joong had to change into different style of costume and acting in different roles. At one moment he would be eating cream cake happily; at another moment he would carry a suitcase and change into a young working class; and also wearing beige jacket, pulling a luggage showing the matured manly style. 6 different styles would be exclusively released in this episode of Fans magazine to show the changeable Kim Hyun Joong.

Special charm is Multi-Dimensional

Although it was a heaty summer day currently, however as the MVIO costume branding spokesperson, Kim Hyun Joong had to move a step earlier than everybody, wearing the new Fall/Winter costume to shoot a new series of photographs in the studio. Whatever styles of costume when wore on Kim Hyun Joong would be suitable, this is the main reason MVIO selected him as the spokesperson. Kim Hyun Joong once mentioned about his charm: "Whatever role that was given, just act as the role.' This characteristic was proven in the shooting process. Whether it was a formal suit, matured manly windbreaker, uniquely decent style, all could be interpreted correctly!

Wearing winter clothings in summer made leader over heat!

Under the high temperature weather and the heat of the studio lights, it had indeed made Kim Hyun Joong who was wearing the Fall/Winter series costume over heated, it was like in a sauna! However when looking at the final results of the shooting, he expressed: "I had not worn all these Fall/Winter new products before. Although the weather was very hot, and it was very exhausting during shooting, but I was very satisfied when looking at the photographs taken.' Most interesting thing was, what was he thinking in order to portray appropriately when wearing different styles of costume and interpreting different mood? The 4D-ness in Kim Hyun Joong immediately surfaced saying: "I only looked at the camera and doesn't think of anything, but maybe I am just thinking, how many sets of clothes are there for this round? How many more sets left to shoot?"

Not forgetting humour when tired~

When he was wearing the silvery gray formal suit, holding a cream cake, showing his cute expression eating the cake for the shot, suddenly, he joked to the photographer saying: "Since I am wearing so formally, please help me to take an I.D. photograph!" 4D Kim Hyun Joong surfaced again, making such request even when shooting the clothings catalog, but the photographer really fulfilled his request! During the shooting break, other than hot, it was still very hot, however he didn't relax but took the opportunity to practice his concert dance steps. Korean media interview him at the shooting location, asking about his opinion in winning the champion of 'Most wanted to kiss Male artist'? Leader Kim smile shyly and showed his humour explaining the reason of winning the champion: "Because artist like Lee Min Ho is too tall, it is too tired to kiss and can only kiss once."

Clothings that seldom wear before are the most effective style~

After become an artist, Kim Hyun Joong had to wear uncountable gorgeous stage costume not only in SS501 group but also when filming 'Boys over Flowers', acting as Yoon Ji Hoo, wearing prince-like royalty costumes. As the spokesperson for MVIO, he had to wear many different style of costume during each season when shooting for new line of clothings, showing his different charms. In order to shoot for the endorsement, he had to wear many sets of clothings, his most anticipated clothing style are styles which he seldom wears. He believed that wearing clothings which he seldom wears would be able to show some surprisingly charming effect.

Loved to dress up even before debut!

After becoming an artist that need to wear glamorously infront of everybody, does his wearing style changed a lot? He said: "Before debut, I loved to dress up, loved wearing long boots, and also loved to buy clothes. However, after debut, it was completely opposite. Now I only like clothes which are comfortable. For example, wearing shorts, normal shirt, and matched with caps. Recently when rehearsing for concert, I would wear sports shoes, practice costume and bring a towel, the dressing style looked like the uncle who sell ice cream (smile)." His description made me think of ~ Yoon Ji Hoo who once spoke in mandarin to Geum Jan Di: "Miss, please buy an ice cream!' If there is really such a charming uncle selling ice cream, the daily sales figure must be shocking!

Hanja: 金賢重
English name: Kim Hyun Joong
Nick name: Cow, Puppy
Birthday: 06-06-1986
Blood type: B
Height: 180cm
Hobby: Swimming, football, body building, basketball
Speciality: Piano, Dancing, Guitar
Qualification: Kyonggi University specialise in Digital Music
Hate: Insects, Bird
Motto: Live life like there is only once
Animal that represent you: Lion
Family members: Grand mother, Father, Mother, Elder Brother, Me
Idol: Seo Tai Ji (Legendary Korean Rock Singer)
Most satisfied part: Eyes
Things to do before sleep: Bath
Ways to reduce stress: Tour
Things in bag: iPod, contact lens, wallet, handphone
Things done most seriously: Work
Favourite colour: Black

Most confident when standing on stage
As a multi-directional artist in the entertainment circle, for his role as a singer, actor and also spokesperson, he thinks that the Kim Hyun Joong who enjoy performing on stage is the closest to his original personality and he is most interested in performing on stage. Once talking about performing, Kim Hyun Joong showed a serious expression saying: "Even though I say like this, I am not denying my acting job, however, I am most confident when singing on stage! Also, singing is originally my main occupation. Every time when singing on stage and when hearing the shouts of the fans, those are my best moments!" Currently holding their Asia Tour Concert, Kim Hyun Joong and his SS501 team member hope that when performing in various places, they could make the fans feel touched and hope that more people will know them.

Admired 2NE1 Female Leader?

In Korea entertainment circle, it has always been a lot of male groups. Recently, female groups are increasing in numbers. As the idol group SS501 member's Kim Hyun Joong, which is the group member whom he thinks has most potential? After thinking seriously, he revealed: "2NE1's CL has a lot of charms on stage, hope that she can work hard to explore her own charm!' After hearing such comments, a lot of Kim Hyun Joong's fans started to discuss about this 4-female team, 2NE1's leader, CL. She is an 18 year old newbies in the singing arena who has great charm on stage, excel in rap and also able to converse in various languages.

Fans, don't call me Oppa

Kim Hyun Joong charmed ladies from various status. Regarding ladies fans from different age groups, he treat them equally. In a public activity, Kim Hyun Joong even told his fans: "Whether elder or younger than me, I hope everybody do not call me 'Oppa', I will feel very uneasy, just call me casually will do." About his opinion on ladies fans elder than him? He said: "I ever met fans double my age, when meeting them, I treated them equally, there was no difference."

Kim Hyun Joong's 3 wishes
1. To be world class, universal level singer
2. To group fans from worldwide and hold a free concert
3. Thereafter lead a normal and happy life

Acting Works:
2004 - MBC : 'Nonstop 5' Episode 208 - "Previous Life'
2005 - KBS : 'Can Love Be Refilled?' as William
2009 - KBS : 'Boys over Flowers' as Yoon Ji Hoo

Brand spokesperson:
MVIO costumes
TONYMOLY cosmetics
Hotsun Chicken franchise store
Samsung Anycall Handphone
DK beverage


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