Monday, September 14, 2009

Mal UFO message...... T. T

Question: Jung Min oppa,
Young Saeng oppa, Kyu Jong oppa & Hyung Joon oppa came to China, where are you? I miss you ah! Have a good rest! I am waiting for the Shanghai concert. Hope Hyun Joong oppa recover soon.

Translation: Jung Min: I didn't go to China..... TT


Saw this at Baidu. One TS received this UFO message frm Mal.... on 13 Sept 2009, that's the day when the sub unit were in Shenyang and Jung Min was left in Seoul.

The response of all Baidu TS were very sad since he can't be there. But when I see this message, I am picturing Mal who is playful and trying to joke around.... like what he usually did in fan meetings, play a joke with the reporter and translator lady. What do you think?

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