Tuesday, September 01, 2009

[News] Celebrate together with Kim Hyun Joong in DK party

Credit: SS601 + julieann@www.hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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Coca cola group's product DK celebrate their achievement for 100th day product released (www.dynamickin.co.kr), by specially holding a series of activities starting from now to 29 November for a total of 90days. 5 lucky winners will be selected each day, total up to 450 winners to attend the DK party. The theme of the party is temporary set as "Drinking refreshing DK, partying together with Kim Hyun Joong!" The joining details for this special activity are published today.

Just purchased DK 250ml/500ml/1.5L products, using the activity number printed on the bottle to login to DK official website. The lucky winners will be selected at 10am everyday. Also, the new DK drink bottle is printed with Kim Hyun Joong refreshing promotional photograph, in order to let the consumers have a sense of participation when drinking the DK drink.

DK is a soft drink which emphasized on refreshing lemon flavour. It enables the body to quickly restore vitality. It is targetted at the younger consumer group and started its sales since May. The official spokesperson is Kim Hyun Joong who has a refreshing and natural image. Other than bringing the refreshing taste, DK image is further enhanced by Kim Hyun Joong's sexy and cute personallity.
This series of advertisement has a powerful song singing "DK can revitilized your life quickly, Splash". It has received very good compliments from the consumer.


Saw the new bottle design at SS601.com website.

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Aww..... I want one of this! Wonder if it is selling in Singapore?


In Dynamic Kin website, there is links to download wallpapers, screensaver and emoticon.


Hyun Joong DK Emoticons

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hUi said...

hi, they sold it in singapore :)
you can check it at the korean supermarket at Burlington square :)