Thursday, September 10, 2009

[News] KAC says “Kim HyunJoong will continue to be our ambassador”

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While the fact that 5-member male group SS501’s leader Kim HyunJoong caught H1N1 flu virus is made known to the public, it is expected that they will continue to be the Korean Airport Ambassador.

KAC representative revealed to Money Today Star News on 9-Sep “We heard that Kim HyunJoong was infected with H1N1. However, this will not affect Kim HyunJoong and his group SS501’s status as our ambassadors will remain unchanged.”

SS501 had been appointed as Ambassadors of Korean Airport Corporation (KAC) through the appointment ceremony held in Kimpo Airport on 13-Jul. At that time, KAC explained “SS501 is a rising Hallyu Star and their image is in line with Kimpo airport’s image which is to become the pivot airport for Northeastern Aisa, which is why they were appointed as our ambassador.”

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong went to Japan for KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Promotional event held in Yokohama on 5th & 6th Sep, and is currently diagnosed with H1N1. He was admitted to one hospital in Tokyo to receive treatment.


Why do the reporters think that KAC would not want to appoint them as ambassador after leader is diagnosed with AH1N1. What has his illness got to do with his endorsement contract? Who wants to get sick and especially it is AH1N1, it is not an criminal offence which would tarnish the product's image. Or is it Kimpo airport trying to ride on his popularity over this case to gain more publicity? Hmm......


Jericho said...

DSP's big boss should hv a meeting with all staff concern and single out the smart aleck who made the decision to bring the boys to Kota Kinabalu right after Beijing and then non-stop to Japan for BOF events. They should re-think and schedule work more professionally for the boys. Now they are all to be blame and hold at fault for disabling Leader the opporunity of once in a lifetime to go attend the very prestigeous Asian scale Seoul Int'l TV Drama awards ceremony even though he won the Best Actor award. What a great miss and surely Leader is very sad. If I am Leader I'd be very angry and sad for not able to attend it.

Mini UFO said...

Yes, too bad he has to miss it.

But I believe he will be able to stand back in the same stage again in future!

I don't think DSP would want such things to happen to any of the boys also, look at the disruption of the schedules, it is creating even more headache for them.

Just continue to pray for Hyun Joong's speedy recovery and continue to give them our moral support.....