Sunday, September 06, 2009

[News] Kim Hyun Joong ignore flu, attend Japan Boys Over Flowers Fan Meeting

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[Yokohama Japan] According to DSP Japan this afternoon, SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong had sign of fever, sore throat and flu since midnight, 6 September. He was currently resting in Yokohama Intercontinental Hotel.

DSP Japan revealed that Kim Hyun Joong had sign of fever, sore throat etc since midnight, 6 September. He was now resting in the hotel after taking his medicine. The reason of the flu was caused by overly fatigue after joining the Japan "Boys over Flowers" Fan Meeting. Therefore, he could not participate in the Japan press conference which was originally scheduled. However, he would attend the "Boys Over Flowers" Fan Meeting as scheduled.

According to related personel, "Although Kim Hyun Joong is not feeling well, but since he has promised his fans, he has to fulfill his promise to them. He has shown his determination over this. Tonight, Kim Hyun Joong will definitely use his willpower to show his best performance."


My heart sank when I read this news in China Baidu. Leader is sick! :( WHHYYYYY !!!!! 

We already heard from some fans sharing in soompi that he almost fainted during the Malaysia Autograph session. Now he is sick! Fever, sore throat & flu, and he is still attending the fan meeting tonight! I feel very sad for him. Though he has to fulfill his promise to fans but I hope he really take care of his body. It is not a good sign for keep fainting also. 
Sigh..... Looking at the schedule, he still have the Seoul Drama Award to attend on 11 Sept, and KBS Shenyang Telentime on the 13 Sept, and I guess they must be busy preparing for the 2nd album release also. Hopefully he can get enough rest before all these events.
Leader, please take care of your health. If you are sick, all your fans will be worry about you.

I hope he recovered after the rest. Guess we got to see the video tonight to know whether he had fully recovered.... Lets keep our finger cross..... pray for him for speedy recovery.....


Nicky said...

Hi! I am not sure if I have to keep on calling you miniufo hehe. I have been surfing the net and saw this article. It seems it is talking about Leader's participation in the event:


Hope Leader will get better soon!

Thanks for the translation ^_^

Mini UFO said...

Hee.... you can continue to call me MiniUFO if you like. I don't mind. Or if you want, call me Cagali. That's the short form for the nick cagalikira I used in Quiante501.

I can't go to the page you link. But do see in soompi that he DID go to the BOF FM. Just hope that he is recovering.

Nicky said...

Hi Cagali! Yeah, it's confirmed that Leader was able to attend the event. I hope he will pay more attention to his health and don't push himself too hard.

It seems you are not the only one who can't access the link. It is basically similar to this article:

I have been checking also for more pics/vids of this event but it seems scarce tonight. Hope some will turn up later.