Wednesday, September 16, 2009

[News] Kim Hyun Joong ranked 1st in 'Asia Flower Boy' Korea China Japan popularity poll

No new photographs or video on leader's return anymore. So I post some news on leader instead. Continuing with Leader's Day mood.... Haha! Hands up if you are sick of leader??? Who? Anybody? (^.*)


Credit:sportshankook + (Chinese translation)Elsa菜 + (English translation)
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SS501 Kim Hyun Joong became the 'Asia Flower Boy', received widespread affections.

Kim Hyun Joong won No. 1 position in polls done in Korea, Japan, and China. In Korea's 'Seoul Drama Awards' netizen poll, Japan's Hanryu Magazine Brokore, Asiandramatic TV, China Hunan TV, Hongkong XingKong TV, Taiwan Star UDN website and others media platform, Kim Hyun Joong was ranked 1st.

Brokore had once conducted a poll on 'F4 Best Character' during the period when 'Boys over Flowers' were broadcast. 1150 Japan netizens had selected Yoon Ji Hoo, 1st in ranking. Also, in order to ensure the votes' validity, the voting was limited to once per day and only to Japanese members of the website. Asiandramatic TV's poll only accepted votes from Japan IP addresses.

Kim Hyun Joong also received expanding popularity in the Chinese circle. Hongkong XingKong TV received a 52.11% viewership ratings when broadcasting 'Boys over Flowers', the viewers feedback that Yoon Ji Hoo was the most charming. Taiwan Star UDN website conducted a poll on 'Korea China Japan F4 - Most like-able character' from 15 - 30 May, Kim Hyun Joong received a total of 54,123 votes following behind 'Original Flower Boy' Jerry Yan (90,218 votes), ranked 2nd. In the poll conducted by Hunan TV 'Hana Yori Dango' website on 'Korea China Japan Taiwan F4 - Popularity', Kim Hyun Joong lost to Vic Chou (Taiwan version Hanazawa Rui) by 1582 votes, a difference of 8.2%, and was ranked 2nd.


mary said...

Hi! This is Mary from Philippines. Just dropping by to say you have an excellent page. Keep it up!
Please check out this site: and follow me. Thanks!

Jericho said...

Great news! You did it again, well done with all your very up to date info and diligent hardwork. I am most grateful. It's a little late to say "Happy Leader's Day" and I wonder how would he be one year from now. Will he reach his peak yet in a healthier state? He still have a long way to go at only 23. Probably he will hit his peak at 25 to 27. You just never know. I think he will be one of those rare artiste to make it internationally looking at the way how things are going. I am also glad that you don't just keep putting Kyu's photos but also include the rest but I only have eyes for the LEADER.

Mini UFO said...

Well, did I keep putting up Kyu's photo? Hmm.... maybe it is because all in a sudden the forums I visited are flooding with his photographs.

Don't worry, I would not just focus on one member only (though all of you by now should know who is my fav ^^). This is a SS501UFO but not Hyun Joong/Young Saeng/Kyu Jong/Jung Min/Hyung Joon UFO... so every members will have equal share. I will post ALL news related to all member whenever I see it!

Actually... I like all of them. Each of them have their own unique charm. Of course there is a bigger portion for one of them. (^.*)

Jericho said...

Yeah, must be seeing too many Kyu's photos everywhere for the past few days till it's like overkill. Not complaining and better keep my own opinions to myself or else I'd get kicked out.

Ann said...

Thanks for all the updates, Mini UFO! I'm your fan! Hehehe!
I love to hear all the news about Leader! (but not like "He's sick... Or fained") Seeing him OK now I'm so so glad. Hope he'll take his time off to rest well!

Mini UFO said...

Hi Jericho,

Don't worry, I won't kick you out! (Anyway I can't :P)

Kyu is sweet and gentle and he is growing up to be more and more manly recently, this is why he has a group of fans following him.

Well, I hope to see more photographs of the rest of the boys also. :)

Mini UFO said...

Hi Ann,

What to do when we have a leader that aspires to be the UNIVERSE star! Just hope that he will have UNIVERSE best health also! Then all the fans no need to worry about him!

Jericho said...

Leader gotta have what it takes to be an Universal Star but he's physically quite weak. HK pop stars can hold consecutively 20+ nights of concerts in one go and act in movies too with no problem plus commercials, interviews, fly here and there etc etc.

Ann said...

Hi Mini UFO,
I could not agree more! Be healthy Leader!
Though all 501 members are my idols, my most favorite one is Leader! I's so worried last wk for he caught "the Flu". I'm relieved that he's doing OK. Somehow, I wonder if he'll take enough time to rest. Or else ):
Any way, take care leader, then come back healthy and strong!