Thursday, September 17, 2009

[News] Kim Hyun Joong returned to Korea on 16 Sept. SS501 new album to be released this month

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Kim Hyun Joong returned to Korea on 16 Sept. SS501 new album to be released this month

According to Korea media report, Kim Hyun Joong who confirmed diagnose with new influenze, return to Korea via Kimpo Airport yesterday (16 Sept) after completed his medical treatment in Japan.

17 Sept, Kim Hyun Joong's management company DSP reveal: "After returning from Japan, Kim Hyun Joong will return home and concentrate in rest and recuperate back his health."

One higher management in DPS media company reveal: "SS501 will release their new album in this month. After discussing with Kim Hyun Joong and his member, it was decided to release the album this month. On 7 Sept, when Kim Hyun Joong was confirmed contracted with new influenza, the album release plan was pushed back, however, Kim Hyun Joong had requested to release the album as schedule after he was discharged from the hospital on 15 Sept. "

Kim Hyun Joong was under medical treatment in a hospital in Japan since 7 Sept when he particated in the "Boys over Flowers" promotional activity in Yokohama. He had high fever suddenly and was sent to E.R. to seek medical treatment and was confirmed contracted new influenza.


So leader didn't go to Jeju for recuperation but stay at home for recuperation...... and they are going to release the 2nd album within this month! There's only another 2 more weeks to end this month! If they are going to release the 2nd album, does it means that leader WOULD NOT rest at home but practicing together with the other members? Argh..... I start to think of many possibilities now..... Sigh.....

I guess we still need to wait for a final confirmation from DSP for this.... all these quoting from the media is very frustrating!

By the way, saw another piece of news mentioning that SS501 would be the guest artist in 'Wonderful Korea Concert" which will be held at Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Hall on 27 Sept 2009. I wonder whether the sub unit will perform or 4 of them or the whole team???? Let's cross our finger and wait....


quynh_perfectionist said...

why oh why is leader not resting???
i know he as well as the other members feel that the fans have waited long enough but his health is important!!! and so are the rest of the members...
how would the fans feel if all of them get sick???

glad to hear of the album news but i think they could've waited to october...after all Korean Triple S said it best: "We can wait. We are always waiting because we believe the best is worth the wait."

Mini UFO said...

Yes. I am also one of them that don't mind waiting if he can rest and get back fit and strong.

The rest of the boys do not look good also. Just hope that during this period they can get some rest also. But I guess it is almost impposible if the 2nd album is going to be released in this month!

Jericho said...

Read somewhere abt going to Jeju Island to recuperate is kinda fishy. Probably it only mean work from DSP by filming him when he's there. Whatever, it's still best to be home with Mom and there will be surely lotsa hugs and love and nutritious food. But again Leader may not have any appetite at the moment.

peiimiing said...

wat a pity... dont have jungmin.. =(