Thursday, September 10, 2009

[News] Kim Hyun Joong went for drama promotion, Diagnose with new influenza

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(9 Sept) Korean idol SS501, "Boys over Flower" main actor group was in danger of new influenza! SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong had sign of fever and influenza during his promotional event in Japan. He was then confirmed diagnosed with H1N1, staying back alone in Japan for recuperation, the other members had already return back to Korea.

SS501 recently had been traveling around Asia cities for preparation of their new record and shooting of photobook. On the 5 & 6 September, they also participated in 2 "Boys over Flowers" premium event to meet with their Japan fans. Rumours had spread around the internet that during his promotional events in Malaysia, Kim Hyun Joong almost fainted due to overly fatigue. His Korea agency clarified that the 5 members have very good appetite everyday, they also have their meal regularly to maintain they physical strength, the only small condition was Kim Kyu Jong had stomach upset as he could not get used to Malaysian food and also Kim Hyun Joong had slight fever and influenza in Japan.

However, yesterday night, his agency had confirmed: "After going to Japan from Malaysia, Kim Hyun Joong expressed that he is not feeling well, after diagnose by the doctor, he was confirmed diagnose with new influenza, for those who travels together, he was the only diagnose sick. It could be overly fatigue and also his original immune system is weaker. He had been injected with antibody for the influenza and received relevant medication. Lee Min Ho, Goo Hye Soo, Kim Bum, T-Max and other artists who participated in the same event, their health condition was also received a lot of concern.

"SS501 Asia Tour Persona 2009 Taiwan Concert" started selling on 5 Sept, after selling for 3 days, it had already received good news of 80% sales, fans do not hesitate to snatch up tickets. The most expensive tickets of NT4500 to NT3200 was sold out fastest. Fans from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Hongkong also joined in to buy tickets, it was estimated that there were around 400 oversea audience.


When you read the title, do you think, what? Why post old news.... well, it mentioned something different..... Kyu Jong has stomach upset in Malaysia. No wonder we heard some say he looked tired. Must be due to the spicy food in Malaysia, we know Kyu Jong can't take spicy food.....

Anyway he is fine now, since DSP said the rest of the members are tested negative for H1N1.

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