Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Leader exit through main door because of fans

Credit: + (Chinese translation) 爱@Baidu Tieba Kim Hyun Joong + (English translation)
Repost with full credit.

Saw in Baidu, according to, from all the news about leader coming back from after recovery from H1N1, the most touching news is:

"Considering Hyun Joong Leader's safety, Kimpo Airport had actually suggested to Leader to exit from non-official exit. But Hyun Joong Leader insisted and said: "In order to greet my fans that had been waiting for me, I must exit through the main exit." This is why he exit from the normal exit.


Leader, leader, when can you think for your own safety but not for fans only. Komapda! Leader!

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Anonymous said...

thanks Leader for caring for his fans who are waiting to see him at the airport, and fan sitting infront of e computer looking for news and to see his image of his safe return....