Thursday, September 03, 2009

SS501 Photoshooting in Kota Kinabalu

Credit: hongkified@soompi +
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At last we have some news + photographs of the boys activity in Kota Kinabalu. Though there's only 3..... but it is better than nothing. :D. Thanks a million to Hongkified for sharing in Soompi.


This is what Hongkified shared in Soompi:

"spent whole day stalking ~ the weather is insane today as its was raining so so so much for the whole day. the security was extremely/possessively/crazy tight so it's SO difficult to take any photos..and there are NO fans at all we can't even act like fan for fear of being carted off the island

The island is like this exclusive resort or something. Just to enter the resort require booking and reservation..

They are really hot up close..Leader was spotted topless while changing (for shoot we guess?) but only saw it for like 5 second (we were walking past the 'changing' room at that time)..He is so darn thin tho Kyu and Baby is really cute ^^..My friend is crushing on Jungmin now cuz he is so friendly ^^ waving and stuffs don't have much impression on the other two as didn't spend time with them.

Extra notes:
They check out from the island today itself at 5pm, currently staying at Le Meridien =)..they also went and have dinner at this Korean restaurant in Likas ^^"

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