Thursday, September 03, 2009

Reports of SS501 Autograph Session in One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya

I am starting to see more photographs & Video on Quainte/Soompi/Baidu/Youtube. Will post here to share with you.

According to sharing by fans went to the Autograph session, there were more than 1000+ fans queuing for the fan sign. The queue went up till 400m and started from 1pm onwards! Two CD were on sale, the "Super Hit Collection" and "1st Solo Collection" both are the Taiwan released version. Everybody only allowed for signing by 1 member only. Even though some have bought both CDs. Only one CD was allowed to be signed.

Saw quite a lot of complains saying that the organisation was quite bad. The on site location was very crowded, there were pushing among fans and cutting of queues. Some fans do not even get their signatures even thou they pay for the CD as the boys only have 2 hours to sign and they have to rush for their flight back to Seoul. Kyu Jong was given white board marker to sign. Some fans CD signature was accidentally erased because of that. -.-||

Some fans mentioned that Leader looked extremely tired and skinny. Same for the other members, they looked tired.

Of course, other than the negative points, fans also reported that the boys looks much much much better in real person than on photo or video. Their smiles melts the heart. Also, the MC was good to bring up mood by making fan shouting "AnnYeongHaSeYo" (It can be heard in the Youtube video which I had linked below). There were reports of fans from Singapore, Thailand, China, Japan and Korea were there to give SS501 their support.


Credit: Sume10@Quainte

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The monitor upfront.. it's 2 hours peeps, not 5.

Totally packed, with all the large amount of pushing. I wasn't standing straight at all.

Min smiling and Kyu thinking (?) Min always smiles

another leader shot.. haha, somehow from where i stood in Min's line, the best angle was leader's.

Leader shot, with Kyu signing..

Leader and Saeng~ Saeng's smiling a little here.. *who's melting?*


Credit: 宝宝琳丫 @Baidu
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According to her, you are not even allowed to request the members to write your name on the CD, but she secretly requested Leader to write for her and he asked what is her name and wrote her name on the CD for her.

(Seems like different batch of people were being given different retrictions, it might be due to timing was running out so they were more stringent)


Credit: Alin103@soompi
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Credit: AileenRamli@Quainte
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Kyu was staring at Jung Min???

An attempt to get Young Saeng's pic, but.....

Jung Min was sketching on the table.using the whiteboard marker.
WARMING UP, I guess. lol. And Kyu, what's going on?

Tensed leader. So tired face. Get a good rest in ur flight back ok?


[Fancam] 030909 SS501 @ Malaysia Autograph Event
Credit: irenelin005@youtube
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