Friday, September 04, 2009

SS501 1st Asia Tour Persona Shanghai Concert information

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SS501 PERSONA 1st Asia Tour - Shanghai Concert

Date: 14 November 2009, Saturday

Time: 19:30
Venue: Hongkou Soccer Stadium (虹口足球場)
Organiser: Brokers Brother Herald

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These few days must be TripleS in various countries' "Lucky Day". We have good news one other another, first the Autograph session in KL, then Taiwan confirmed Persona concert on 17 Oct 09, and now we have Shanghai Persona concert on 14 November 09. It is like seeing them every month (If you have the spare time & $$ to do that.... haha...)

The venue for the Shanghai concert is the same location which SS501 held their 1st China concert in Year 2008.

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Love Cafe said...

Wonder when is their concert in Singapore?? Cant wait to see them in person esp Kyu Jong... Kyu Jong = HOT!!!!
Heard somewhere that they are going to have fans meeting in every countries 1st before their concert so that their fans can see them in person before their concert..