Saturday, September 12, 2009

Actor Lee Jun Ki and Actress Moon Geun Young pray for speedy recovery to Kim Hyun Joong

Credit: SS601 + (Chinese translation) VIVID@ + (English translation)
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11 Sept, at the Seoul International Drama Award held in Seoul Olympic Park Centre, Lee Jun Ki expressed: "Hope Kim Hyun Joong will recover soon." "I also must be careful of the new influenza."

Winning "Internet Best Actress Award" Moon Geun Young said: "I pray for speedy recovery for Kim Hyun Joong." Although Kim Hyun Joong was not present to receive the 'Internet Best Actor Award', his award was received on behalf by Heo Young Saeng. He passed this message to fans: "I am receiving this prize on behalf of Hyun Joong, and will pass this gift from everybody onto his hand safely." "Hyun Joong is currently in good condition, thank you for everybody's concern and care."

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