Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sending 'Get Well Message' to Hyun Joong Leader

Opps! I nearly forget about this!

For Singapore TripleS, if you missed out the online submission of 'Get Well Message' for Hyun Joong Leader to SGTripleS. You have one last chance to send it to him. There will be an onsite signing activity organized by SGTripleS. Do drop down to Spinelli@Forum The Shopping Mall at 3 - 5pm to write down your 'Get Well Message'.

Our leader has sent us a flower basket despite he is sick, what would you give him? I am sure he would be touched to read 'Get Well Messages' from Singapore TripleS.
Hmm..... I think it would be GREAT if we can have a total of 501 messages to him!!

These are the details of the onsite signing event

Date: 2009.09.12 (Sat, and it is TODAY!!!)
Time: 3pm - 5pm
Place: Outdoor area@Spinelli, Forum The Shopping Mall
Who to look for:
Look for a group of pretty girls with a signing book + signing pens... lol... I also don't know how they looked like... juz find... "P

Don't know how to go to Forum the Shopping Mall? Are you sure??!! Okay, for the benefit of all.... there are few ways to reach Forum the Shopping Mall.

1. MRT - Take to Orchard MRT, walked from the underpass all the way to Wheelock Place. Come out of Wheelock Place, walk towards the direction of Hilton Hotel, Forum The Shopping Mall is just beside Hilton Hotel.

2. Bus -
7, 36, 105, 111, 123, 132, 174, 502 (This is for bus coming from direction of Tanglin Mall to Forum)
14, 124, 128, 143, 162, 502 (This is for bus coming from direction of Takashimaya to Forum)
To get the exact bus route, please check

3. Car - I don't drive, I really don't know what is the way to drive. But I will give you the address: 583, Orchard Road, Singapore 238884. And bonus..... MAP!

If this is still not enough, go check

I think I sounds like a tour guide or information counter!! (^_~)

P/S: As I want to hold this post during the activity period, I will force all new post after this, just scroll down to read other news ok!

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