Friday, September 11, 2009

Congratulations to Hyun Joong leader for winning the Best Actor Award in Seoul Drama Award!

Congratulations to Hyun Joong Leader for winning the Best Actor Award in Seoul Drama Awards 2009. Though you could not be there to receive the award, I am still proud of you for winning it for the 1st drama that you had acted in! I am sure you will stand in the same award stage again in the next future! You are our World Universe Best Leader forever! We will continue to support SS501! Take care and get well soon!


Saw this banner pictures in Baidu. It is advertising the Seoul Drama Award Ceremony tonight. There's a banner showing Hyun Joong Leader's winning votes and the "Boys over Flowers" winning votes.

This congratulatory youtube video was shared by 이마코코데 in ss601, the original video was created by guswnddlfkdenfdltj.

Kim Hyun Joong, Best Actor Winner at the 2009 Seoul Drama Awards
Credit: guswnddlfkdenfdltj@youtube

Tune in your TV channel to the live broadcasting KBS2 tonight if you has access to it at 6.30pm!

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