Friday, September 11, 2009

What did other members of SS501 do when their leader is not around?

Some of us might wonder, what would the rest of the SS501 members do when their leader is now recuperating in Japan?

Hmmm....... let me tell you..... they went to film their own version of "Boys over Flowers"


Kim Hyung Joon as Goo Joon Pyo

Kim Kyu Jong as Yoon Ji Hoo

Heo Young Saeng as Soo Yi Jung

Hahaha...... Sorry..... I am just joking..... The atmosphere around is so gloomy, with everybody worrying about Hyun Joong, I thought it is good to bring some smiles to your face.....

I guess TS who had known them for very long would sure had seen these before, but for me, since I only started to know about SS501 about 3 months ago, I knew nothing about this variety program which they participated in.

I found these photo in Baidu about 1 month ago, there's a lot of things to post so I didn't put up to share..... Since I don't know where these photograph originated, I searched around online to get more info about this. It was actually taken during the promotion of the SS501 'U R Man' promotion period and the trio group acted as the F4 group in ‘MC Ri’s Believe it or not’ section in 'Ootchatsa', which was broadcasted 6 March 2009. (Err.... am I the only that don't know about this.... -.-||)

More photographs to share to TS who don't know about this like me..... :)

I can't find any video clips of this variety show, if any of you knew about it, do you mind pointing me to the link? I would love to see them in action!


Vita Avianty said...

I'm a newbie Triple S too ^^..I'm into them since BOF..So thanks so much for u put this photos, although I already knew some of photos but I really wanna see the video too...If u have may u post in here..thx b4

Libra Dolce said...

You can view the video by these links:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Hope this helps! ;-)

Vita Avianty said...

@Libra Dolce: Thank u so much for d link ^^