Friday, September 11, 2009

[News] Followed by Kim Hyun Joong, SS501 group dancer also contracted AH1N1

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Following by the SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong who was quarantine in Japan for AH1N1 medication, another dancer who went together with the team to Japan was also contracted AH1N1.

10 September, his management agency made an official release: "SS501 group members and also all staff who attended the events were being examined on 9 September. Only one of the dancer had signs of fever and was confirmed contracted AH1N1 influenza. Other than this dancer, the rest of them appeared normal.

On the other hand, it was reported that Kim Hyun Joong has gradually showing signs of recovery. 10 Sept, his management firm spokesperson said: "Although there is still signs of influenza, his body temperature was gradually decreased. Once he recovered, he will go back to Korea.


Glad to hear that Leader has gradually recovered. Hope the dancer is recovering also....


Jericho said...

Sometines you just can't believe every word from DSP, which airline would want to fetch him back? In fact, all those are had contact with Leader need to be quarantined. I am sure his parents can't see him much not to say even his personal manager. They need to wear mask. A H1N1 flu patient suffers alot of discomfort, some fans are so ignorant that he'd get to sleep and read comics, listen music blah3, how can that be?

Mini UFO said...

I guess what DSP meant should be after he fully recovered and after the quarantine period.

As for us hoping him getting more sleeps read comics listen to music... that's probably after he recovered and during the period which he needs to be quarantine... for now, It could be the suffering period.... but I think he could still listen to music he likes right?

Don't get so work out.... the fans meant well also.... Be a nice & gracious green pea okay... Leader would not be happy if we green peas started quarreling because of him. :)

Jericho said...

Yes, Mini UFO, I agree. Just quite worried that normally after a "big" illness, a person will loose weight, will Leader be even thinner than b4? And then they'd put him on those ridiculous schedule to fulfil all sorts of commercial contracts they had signed on his behalf, Leader will never seem to be really well and healthy again.

Mini UFO said...

Well, after his recovery, he will be quarantine for some days before discharging from the hospital. Probably during those period, his mum will cook some nutritious food for him to gain back his weight and strength.

Yah! His schedule is very tight, with all those products endorsement and concert going on, he really do not have any chance to rest at all. But DSP couldn't possible pushed back all these schedule for him also. These schedules might be requests from his endorsement company which DSP do not have full control over it. And those endorsement company, they also have their deadlines for their advertisement and such.... so this is not only DSP problem by itself.

And the concert dates, they can't possible change it now since holding a concert is not so easy as fix a date and sell the ticket only, there is a lot of behind the scene things to settle also. I guess SS501 also want to see their fans in different countries soon. This is why they are practicing relantlessly for the fans.

Well, this is the price an artist has to pay for their popularity. I am sure Hyun Joong leader knew about it, so do the rest of the members. Therefore, they are not complaining but persevere over this.

Don't worry so much! AH1N1 is not so deadly as they describe outside. For youngster with no other illness, usually they would be able to recover after given proper medication.

I don't think our leader is sooooo WEAK! He is young and energetic so his recovery and immunity system should be better! In additional to this, he would have more rest during the quarantine days, therefore, he will sure regain back to his original strength. You should feel relief that at least, he has a chance now to rest, than continue to move forward all the way till next year, right?

All we can do is to give him our continuous support and pray for his good health. I am sure our support would be an extra 'power' for him!

Sorry I am getting long winded.... I feel like I am creating a blog entry... :P