Saturday, September 05, 2009

Hyun Joong photographs in F4 Photobook

Credit: + + marvie_carl@soompi
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Okay, sorry I just can't stop myself from posting these pictures, they are simply so nice..... Tell me if you can resist the temptation to not look!!!! Haha!!

Will continue the Sohu translation now.... heee...... :D


Anonymous said...

yes ia m the one who can't resist.... ><

huwaaaaaaaaaaa.. i justtttttt... >< huwaaa lovee this photoshoot sooo much... in some angel he does look tired, because he shooted this right after BOF right?
but always georgeous as usual...

i will get this photobook.. hope my friend from japan come ASAP... ><

miracle said...

no one can resist the temptation . he simply look too handsome. ^^