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SS501 interview with Sinchew Daily (Youtube video)

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SS501 news interview with Sinchew Daily Malaysia


Translation of the interview/news report:

SS501 lead by Kim Hyun Joong came to Malaysia to have their autograph session. The members consist of Kim Hyun Joong, Hoe Young Saeng, Kim Hyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Joon. They arrived in Malaysia on 31 Aug and went to Kota Kinabalu to shoot their MV.

This was the 1st time Ss501 held their activity in Malaysia. The autograph sessions had attracted around thousand over fans from Malaysia and various countries in Asia. It clearly shown SS501's popularity.

In order to let SS501 signed all the CD, each fan was only allowed to obtain signature from one member only. This had caused disappointment for those that wishes to collect signatures of all 5 members. Some fans wanted to get Kim Hyun Joong signature and cut queue, causing much chaotic.

SS501 lady manager noticed that the media continued to take pictures during the events and requested all media to leave the event hall since it was a private meeting for SS501 with their fans.

Currently SS501 is starting their Asia tour concert. Starting from Korea and Japan concert following by the Taipei concert which will be held on 17 Oct at the Taipei Arena. After this, it will be followed by Bangkok, Shanghai, Singapore, Beijing and other cities. In end December or early January next year, they will come to Malaysia to hold their concert. The content of the Malaysia concert would be almost same as Japan concert, but will include extra new songs in the new album.

Jung Min: "End of December/Early January next year, we will hold our concert in Malaysia, hope all fans and media will support us"

It was reported that DBSK might be disband, therefore, SS501 who are gaining more popularity currently might be able to overtake DBSK. Regarding this, SS501 gave the reason that both groups are from different management company and refused to further discuss this issue.

Hyun Joong: "As artist, we placed full concentration on our own work, and don't understand all these profound and complicated issues. This is because we are doing our part to perform well in our duties in singing and acting. Also, we are not from the same management company, therefore we do not understand the actual situation. As a Korean group, we wish this issue will be settled amicably, and hope everybody would not have any misunderstanding of Korean groups. Both groups are working hard and diligently, hope you give us more support."

When ask whether SS501 will disband over the time, all members kept quiet. The lady manager voiced up for them saying that the question was to profound and they do not know how to answer, after which she requested the reported to cease the topic.

Since Kim Hyun Joong gain much popularity after acting in "Boys over Flowers", do they have the intention to shoot a movie together?

Jung Min: "Hyun Joong's drama was well received, thank you for everybody's support. The other members has also received numerous offers to act in drama. Currently it is still in the selection stage. Next year's plan include solo and group participation in drama and music records and etc.. activities. Hope you look forward to it"

As SS501 is gaining more popularity in the chinese market, they mentined that they might be singing mandarin songs. They also reviewed, in the new CD album, they will move towards the matured and masculine style, hoping to give everybody a surprise.


Throughout the interview the most irritating words are "S-S wu ling yi" (501 in mandarin) ..... Argh..... Do your homework reporter! It is Double S wu ling yi.... sigh.... why can't they read their group name correctly?!

Sorry I stop my translation and continue with this because I saw a lot of information being released. Confirm concert in Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia! Singing mandarin songs in chinese market, come sing in Singapore please.... :D

Next year new activity include acting!! Wah.... isn't it good news....

Hope you enjoy reading.... will continue my translation for Sohu Article....

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