Thursday, September 10, 2009

Leader KL Fan Meeting Photographs by Photographer Eddie Guyuno

Some nice photo of leader to reduce your missing to him..... Maybe you had already seen these somewhere else..... but no harm looking at them again right? Because the photographer has captured his many habitual expressions/gestures and also some 4D-ness in him.

The photographer has purposely zoom in his camera to his face and was surprised by his impeccable look. This is his description: "五官精致,皮细肉嫩、唇红齿白" -- Fine impeccable facial features, soft & rosy skin, red lips and white teeth", and he said he is like a figure from manga, very handsome & charming. That is why all fans would not stop shrieking when seeing him, some even cried after seeing him.

He also mentioned that leader would never refuse any request from photographer and always released thousand mega walts through his eyes sight and most charming smile confidently whenever a camera faced him and also until they have enough shoots of him.

He also mentioned that leader once mentioned in an interview: "Even if it is close shoot, I would not hate it. This is because if you hate to have a camera shooting at you, you cannot be an artist, therefore loosing your qualification as an artist." With such a high fame/popularity and in a 'blooming' stage, with features like a prince in manga, good-looking no matter shoot from whatever angles, who is more qualification than Kim Hyun Joong to say the above remarks?

(The sharing of the photographer comments on SS501 were posted in his blog, I did a rough translation and post here to share only. Please do not repost or take out from here)


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