Thursday, September 10, 2009

[news] JoKwon, ShinDong, Kim HyungJoon...Idol gathers for the environment

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Brian, ShinDong, Kim HyungJoon, JoKwon, these 4 pretty boy idols gathered together for the environment.

Brian from (former) Fly To The Sky, Super Junior’s ShinDong, SS501’s Kim HyungJoon, 2AM’s JoKwon will appear in SBS Environmental Variety Show ‘Find it! Green Gold’ set to be broadcasted in Autumn.

Made up of Brian, who is known for his flair in speech in the variety segments, together with Shindong for his quick-wittedness, pure pretty boy Kim HyunJoong, variety dark horse JoKwon, these 4 idols will ride bicycles, find places that poses as problems to the environment and come up with a counter measure to solve these problems.

The first place they found is one household in Gyunggi-do Uijungbu for this ‘Green Gold’ person. Their water bill is 2~3 times more than average which makes them (the household) very worried, so these 4 people went to this requestor’s house and showed them all about conserving water through hands on experience.

The program producer said “Best idol stars quartet Brian, ShinDong, Kim HyungJoon, JoKwon will go find Green Gold and their pleasant journey will be shown in this 50-over minutes program where it should create awareness of the environment.”


So the name of the variety show is ‘Find it! Green Gold"..... it sounds like an interesting + informative show. Mark you calender on 14 Sept 09, 6.30pm for the 1st episode.

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