Thursday, September 10, 2009

[News] Heo YoungSaeng Caught H1N1 too? “Groundless Rumor”

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Besides SS501 Kim HyunJoong who is currently recuperating from H1N1 influenza, Heo YoungSaeng who is member of the same group was rumored that he caught H1N1 influenza too, but he confirms that that is a total groundless rumor.

When news of Kim HyunJoong catching H1N1 influenza was known, SS501’s fan café and some entertainment online community had rumors flying around such as “Heo YoungSaeng is in danger too” “3 of the remaining members came back but Heo YoungSaeng is still in Japan”.

In the afternoon of 9-Sep, DSP Entertainment representative said to SportsChosun “It is true that Heo YoungSaeng and Kim HyunJoong stayed in Japan for one more day.” However, he revealed “They just wanted to spend another day there together since they are really close with each other, and that Heo YoungSaeng would return to Korea on the next day. Besides Kim HyunJoong, all the other members’ examination results are negative.”

With Kim HyunJoong infected with H1N1 influenza, they also explained a little on the news that SS501’s album release schedule being affected. The representative said “Their scheduled Asia Tour stretches till January or February next year, and their album release date has been postponed. This is not entirely due to Kim HyunJoong’s situation.”

And with regards to Kim HyunJoong’s current condition, he said “He is fine. It is nothing serious.” He also conveyed message from HyunJoong “He will recover soon and he asked for fans not to be too worried.”


Phew! I just saw some news at Baidu saying that Young Saeng might contact with AH1N1, luckily this news clear my doubts. Thanks XiaoChu for being so fast to translate this piece of news. At least we can be less worried now!

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