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[Trans] Kim HyunJoong, Returns as ‘JiHoo’

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Credits: & Photos by DSP Media + + (English Translation)

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SS501 became special assistant for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Male group SS501 became special assistant for ‘Boys Over Flowers’. SS501 attended drama ‘Boys over Flowers’ (below written as BOF) premiere event on 5th & 6th September held at Yokohama National Convention Hall. Kim HyunJoong, who is the leader of SS501, formed a deep affinity with BOF while shooting for the drama. The drama OST song ‘Because I Am Stupid’ which was sung by them became a representative song widely known throughout Asia. They performed ‘Song calling for you’, ‘Déjà vu’, ‘Because I am stupid’ on that day and displayed themselves just like a Korean representative male group should look like. After the dazzling performance by SS501, SPORTSHANKOOK is here to reveal the exclusive waiting room scenes.

# On the stage with rich-man-styled clothing

Kim HyunJoong finished preparing his rich-man-styled clothing that he would wear on stage. He was down with a severe flu during this event. Though it is so serious that he shouldn’t go ahead with the performance, but he was determined to go ahead in order to keep his promise to his fans. Besides SS501’s performance, he also had solo performance ‘Please be nice to me’, ‘Thank you’, etc, making the Japanese fans feel touched. Fans felt even more heartbreaking look at his exhausted face.

# Magnae’s cutesy act part 1

Kim HyungJoon wore a humorous expression while putting on his makeup prior to the performance. He is usually the mood-maker in the group, always playing jokes around that there is definitely no down ambience in the waiting room.

# Surprise Kiss?

Park JungMin was startled by the surprise kiss (?) by one staff and trying to get away. Proud to be the best in Japanese among the members, Park JungMin took pride in speaking Japanese on the stage during this promotion event, and even double up as the group’s guide outside the event.

# Magnae’s cutesy act part 2

Just before going on stage, Kim HyungJoon (2nd from left) invoked into his mischief once again. A ridiculous expression while singing, members Park JungMin, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong burst into laughter.

# Fighting the Flu

Even though Kim HyunJoong returned to their dorm, he still had to do discussions with the staffs again for the schedule on the next day. His expressions only showed seriousness as if he has forgotten the tortured by the flu during the scheduled activity. He is the only person among F4 members to converse in Japanese with his fans during the event, winning him a huge round of applause.

# Night gets deeper

Park JungMin, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim HyungJoon (from left) are discussing their next day schedule with the staffs when they returned back to their dorm. Even though it was running late, with the determination to present themselves better on stage, the members have to fight off their sleepiness. The discussion on that day would only end early in the morning.

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