Thursday, September 10, 2009

On site Photographs in KL Fan Meeting by Photographer Edie Guyuno

Some nice photo of SS501 by this photographer Eddie Guyuno. The photographer had captured many nice angles of the boys. You might have seen all these photographs some where else by now but maybe you would like to hear the photographer's comments about this event.

The photographer mentioned that the press conference was started late by 1 hour from the schedule time but all of them think that it is worth the wait because SS501 is currently the most popular group in Korea.

He revealed that SS501 appeared dressing different costumes but with a theme consist of mainly blacks & whites, therefore the colours was very matching and they looked very eye catching and stylish. From these, he can sense the close bonds between them.

He also mentioned that once SS501 arrived at the event location, the flash lights were flashing non-stop. Hyun Joong gained the most attention from photographers during that whole event. However, after facing the camera for sometimes, Hyun Joong started to bury himself in his drawing world. When he was drawing, his hair covered his right eyes, causing the photographer on his right to panic as he could not captured his complete looks. (Well, that's our leader, he always like to wonder out of the 3D world when he was bored.)

He also mentioned that during these 7 hours short visit of SS501 to Kuala Lumpur, Warner Music spend up to RM50,000 (~ USD14,222) for all costs involved including air tickets, transportation fees, hotel suite, event location cost and etc. However, the 1000 copies of imported "Special Hit" CD and another local version CD were completely sold out to fans! Also, SS501 had successfully attracted great attention in the entertainment & media circle, therefore the huge expenditure was worth investing by the record company!

(The sharing of the photographer comments on SS501 were posted in his blog, I did a rough translation and post here to share only. Please do not repost or take out from here)

Will share with you his comments on leader's look in another post....


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