Saturday, September 12, 2009

Leader's condition has improved !

Contracted new influenza Kim Hyun Joong reveal in Japan using clear voice: "has great recovery"

Credit:SS601 + (Chinese translation) VIVID@ + (English translation)
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A close contact of Kim Hyun Joong who was diagnosed with new influenza and under recuperation in Japan, revealed his current body condition.

On 11 Sept, in an interview in Money Today Star News, a close contact of Hyun Joong Leader revealed: "Today (11th), I have a telephone conversation with Kim Hyun Joong in Japan." He continued to say: "Kim Hyun Joong voice is very clear, his health has improved a lot." He also said: "From Kim Hyun Joong's conversation and clear voice, can feel that his health has improved a lot."

Kim Hyun Joong participated in the KBS2TV "Boys over Flowers" promotion program on the 5th & 6th. However as he has mild fever and headache, he could not participate in the filming before the official performance. He continued to have sign of high fever and was sent to a hospital in Japan in the morning of 7 Sept, and was diagnose with new inflenza. Therefore until 13th Sept morning, he will continue to stay in Japan hospital for medical treatment.


Hope this piece of news is accurate and I am glad that leader is recovering well. I think we will hear more news in this few days to confirm his recovery.
Hope he can have a good rest now so that he will have good strength and health to handle the busy schedule after he is discharged.


Nicky said...

I am hoping too Cagali that news is correct. DSP has already lied about Leader's serious condition when the news about him getting infected with AH1N1 virus first came out.

Praying for your speedy recovery Leader and get well soon!

Mini UFO said...

I think he should be recovering. H1N1 can be cured. Just that you need a longer time for recuperation and also quarantine to prevent relapse. In Singapore, some can even go home for quarantine once recovering. But I guess hospital is a better place for him to recover as there will be less disturbance.