Saturday, September 12, 2009

Which is the correct version? And which is the version you prefer? (^.~)

As I blogged just now about the other version of Young Saeng's speech translation in SDA, LHL leave a comment for me saying iBreatheLifeMusic English subbed version translate his sentence as Young Saeng will keep the trophy. So..... which version is correct? or... which version would you prefer? (^.~)

P/S: I prefer the cuter version.... because Saengie seldom joke..... but I still want to know the truth.... haha....


Credit: iBreatheLifeMusic @ youtube + LHL
Note: Please take note of the video from 1:40 - 1:45

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Nicky said...

Hi Cagali! I prefer the version of iBreatheLifeMusic. If YS indeed made a joke, this is a big change on his personality making a joke comfortably in such a big event. He tended to be reserved in the past perhaps because he was conscious of his prince image. However, after he cut his hair and the HKG scandal, it was noticeable how he became more animated and smiling often as witnessed by fans from the Beijing FM and recent activities. Love too his smirking face that was captured in the airport recently.