Thursday, September 03, 2009

More photographs of SS501 departure from Kota Kinabalu International Airport

Thanks for Dil for sharing in Quainte.

Below is her sharing:

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I MET SS501 TODAY...KYA.....~~~ We (together with yatt and shidah) were waiting patiently since 7.30am . And finally (nearly 10am) they appear once the elevator door opened. The first person to come out from the elevator is Jung Min. The moment I saw him and other member coming out I approach them and say hi and waved at them. They smiled at us (and some other fans waiting at the departure hall) and proceed to the luggage scanner machine.

There, I handed a red paper bag,with teddy bear print on it to Kyu Jong. I called his name, I said "For you", he took the bag, and take a peak inside it. Then he said something like asking, but I couldn't understand. Then he said "Thank you." I said "Thank you " to him. I hope he likes what's in it.

What is inside the bag? Surprise....
I gave them 50cent coins to each member. And wrote down their names and this note "5 0 1 - Five Forever as one" . I also include a Chipsmore bicuits (chocolate chip cookies) and a note explaining the meaning of the symbols on the coins. (there are hibiscus image and Wau Bulan (a type of kite) image on the coins). And also thank you note for visiting Malaysia. I hope they like my humble gift and Kyu Jong share the biscuits with other members... :-D (as I p/s him about it in the note..hehe)

Then, they walk to the departure gate. In front of the gate they line up like a pre-school children. Cute... Then I heard Jung Min says "Apa khabar?" (means how do you do in Malay language). I replied and together with others "Khabar baik". (I'm fine). Then he said "Jumpa lagi, terima kasih"
(see u again, thank you). I replied "Terima kasih kerana datang sini. Kamu apa khabar?" (Thank you for coming, how are you?)

His reply was "Sayang..." and then he stopped talking and find other members. Sayang means in "I love you" in Malay language is "Saya SAYANG kamu". We laugh when we heard that. I think he tried to say SAYA baik ( I / I'm as in I'm fine). :-D :-D :-D

At the gate, everyone of them are being so cool. They waved back at us, they smile and stop a while for their picture to be snap. Of course the manager doesn't approve it in the beginning but we can't stop snapping their pictures, calling them and waving at them. ;-)

We waited and keep waving at them until they disappear from our view. The last to leave the custom counter is Kyu Jong. Before he left, he turn back at us and wave for the last time....
. I hope they will come again to Malaysia and held a concert here.



They are so lucky to meet them face to face. Jung Min is really good in language. Wherever he goes he will pick up a few sentence in their native language. From what I heard from the video record from youtube, his pronunciation is really accurate! Salute to him!

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