Thursday, September 03, 2009

Video of SS501 leaving Kota Kinabalu International Airport

Credit: vYeLoTe@youtube
Please repost with FULL CREDIT.

The fans are complaining that the fierce manager refuse to let them take photo.

According to fans queueing in One World Hotel, there are around 200+ fans queueing as at 2pm+ !!


Deb said...

hey nice blog u have here!

i'm from kk too xDD

anyway, just came back from the madness at one world hotel, and yes dem boys are just so hot! xDDD

Mini UFO said...

Wow! You were there at the fan sign meeting! I wish I were there. So whose signature did you get?

Deb said...

o ur gonna be so damn happy if ur here hahaha! and yes i got kyu jong's! n i don't really know much about him, so sad...

i was rooting for hyun joong, was standing at the 3rd line, but the fierce organizer chased us and i had no choice but to get the signature from kyu jong hahaha! he's such a cutie pie too right? xDDD

i saw someone asked to shake hands with him, ok i tried my luck and guess what, he agreed hahaha! wasn't sure whether he understood my english or because he saw my hand gesture kekeke...either way, i'm damn happy hahaha!

sorry that i talked so much, can't help it...xDDD

Mini UFO said...

Oh! You are so lucky! I just took leave last week for 2 days, so I can't take anymore leave else my boss would think I don't want to work!

Heard that leader has the longest queue for signing.

Kyu Jong is always kind and sweet. You are so lucky to shake hand with him. Actually to be able to shake hand with any of them is good enough right? Of course, if it is leader, it will be BONUS!! :D

Deb said...

i took half day leave ((:

yes, now u can imagine why the organizer chased us out of the line haha.

he is, always smiling's alright, to be able to see them up close and personal is already good enough right xDDD

am a bit sad tho, the signature kyu jong signed on my cd smudged a lil bit, blamed it on the marker pen that he used! >.<

now everyone else's wants my pics haha.

Mini UFO said...

Oh... else you must be queuing in his queue right? Heard that he looked very tired...

Do you have a blog writing your 'on site' close encounter story of SS501? :P

can I have your photo to share share in my blog?

Deb said...
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Deb said...

he did but still he gave his best smiles haha

im yet to write anything on my blog yet, maybe this weekend, i need to get some pics from my friends too xDDD

sure, i'll let ya know! (:

p/s: can i link u on my blog?

Mini UFO said...

Yes. You are welcome to do so. :)