Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[News] Completed medical treatment. Kim Hyun Joong will recuperate in Jeju Island after return to Korea on 16th

Another piece of good news! At least now one more worries gone, leader WILL BE recuperate in Jeju once going back to Jeju. He won't start work immediately. Yes. Leader, be good to us, rest more, gain more weight back and let us see a healthy and energetic Kim Hyun Joong again!


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Confirmed diagnosed with new influenza and recuperating in Japan, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong was discharged from hospital and will temporary recuperate in Jeju Island.

Kim Hyun Joong's company DSP Media released on 15th Sept, "After discharged from Japan hospital today, he will return to Korea on 16th. The hospital had done examination and confirmed that he had fully recovered, although there would not be danger of transmitting to surrounding person, but to prevent special circumstances to happen, with this in consideration, the company had decided to let Kim Hyun Joong recuperate in Jeju Island for a short period, focusing on nursing back to his original health condition.

When Kim Hyun Joong was confirmed diagnosed with new influenza, his company had revealed: "Once his health condition improved, he will recuperate in his friend's nursing home in Jeju Island for a short period, temporary cancelling all arrangement for his schedule but only concentrate on rest and recuperation."

Kim Hyun Joong would be filming cosmetic brand 'Tony Moly''s CF in early October, this would be his 1st activity after contracted new influenza. Other than Tony Moly, there will be additional advertisements from Anycall, Le coq Sportif and Hotsun Chicken.

A close relative of Kim Hyun Joong revealed: "When his parents was taking care of him in Japan, they were very worried. Luckily he had recovered after 1 week. Although the October new album is going to be released, but the most important thing is to let the body fully recover, therefore would adjust the album release time."

After attending the KBS2TV "Boys over flower" promotional activity on 5 & 6 Sept, Kim Hyun Joong was confirmed diagnose with new influenza on 7 Sept. He was hospitalized for recuperation. Other than Kim Hyun Joong, SS501's dancer was also confirmed diagnosed with new influenza and was getting medical treatment.

On the other hand, SBS mentioned: "While Kim Hyun Joong's health is recovering, the 'Family Outing' program which he participated in last month would be broadcast on 20th & 27th this month."


Anonymous said...

hmmm thruthfully i always want to know SS501's ufo message.. its rare to find their ufo message translation...
i always see other group ufo messages.. and it's funny, the way they answered... LOL..

so i wonder how our boys answered the UFO question.. the question fans gave always so random but funny... ^^

if you have time.. please translate the interesting ufo message... the one that you think interesting.. ^^
i want to know some random answer LOL and 4d answer too.. ^^

Nicky said...

I agree Cagali ..Leader should be good to us and take enough rest ..although we miss him but we want more to see him healthy!