Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photographs of Hyun Joong Leader in BOF Premium Event 050909

Today is Leader's Day! I self declared that! Hee... so we will have photographs of him!

Now when we looked at photographs of video of BOF, it would not be a sad feeling but proud of what he did for the fans.

I am glad that he had recovered from AH1N1 and going back to Korea tomorrow. Hope he can relax and rest now until we see him again. Hmm..... with his mum around, I guess she will put him in good hands. Cook some nutritious food for him and maybe some traditional korean herbal remedy to gain by his strength and put back some weight , nothing beats mum's food when you are not feeling well. And of course, if he refuse to rest and keep practicing dancing..... she can force him to rest.... LOL

P/S: So does it means we would be able to see some of his photographs tomorrow? ^^


Credit: khj.co.kr

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