Tuesday, September 08, 2009

[News] Flower Boy Kim Hyun Joong Become A True Perfect Man in Japan

Credit: SS601 + ruirui@MRET|kimhyunjoong.com.cn + (Eng translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Min Ho, Kim Jun, Kim Bun, Goo Hye Soo and the original sound track singer group SS501 and T-Max held their Korean Version "Boys over Flowers" fan meeting in National Convention Hall of Yokohama on 7pm, 6 Sept. The event was conducted in interview style with the guest, they won loud applause by 4000 fans as reward to them.

The host requested them to use "Three-color event", an unconventional conversation style to sing and act to communicate with their fans. Kim Hyun Joong was the only person who could converse with the host without translation. Naturally, he became the perfect man in the eyes of the fans.

Kim Hyun Joong who was contacted with sore throat, fever and flu, could not attend the press conference previously, but he insisted to attend the fan meeting on 6 Sept. He said that was the promise he made with Japan fans "Even if I am not feeling well, I will still do a good performance together with everybody." During the event, other than performing together with SS501 members, he also sung his solo "Please be good to me" and "Thank you".

Japan fans wanted to tell Kim Hyun Joong: "Thank you for bringing us such a fantastic performance even when you are sick. Hope you get well soon and let us see the cheerful you on stage."


Leader fulfilling his promise to his fans. He did performed together with SS501 but so far, I don't see any photo of him together with the other boys.... Hmm..... why don't we make him promise us that he will take care of his health?? :D

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Nicky said...

Thanks for the update Cagali ^_^

Pics of Leader seems scarce lately since the event on the 6th and his travel back to Korea afterward. Hope he is recovering now.