Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Leader photo at BOF event 5 Sept

Credit: happieBB@SgtripleS
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These are photographs of leader during the BOF event on saturday, 5 Sept. Leader do looked sick in these pictures. Actually some TS in Baidu do mentioned leader even forget/do wrongly some of his dance move in "Please be nice to me" and looked at his dancer for awhile. So there might be possibility that he was already half sick during the time.
Hope he is getting better now..... BTW, just to share my conspiracy theory about the 9 Sept press conference.... which was inspired by the logo of one member in soompi. (And I am surprised when I went to happiebb blog she is also thinking about this string of numbers)
Does these numbers strike anything to you? I am thinking...... could it be a surprise for TS. Since nine 九 in chinese has the same pronounciation as the word 久 which means long time, therefore 999 means together for very long.... 090909 is an auspicious date especially lovers, it is like denoting that you love will stay forever. 
Could it be a surprise event?? Just be patient and wait for news. Of course I am hoping for GOOD NEWS! (Urgh.... now that I think, if it is a surprised event, then Hyun Joong would be practicing for it right? AHhhhhhhhh..... noooooo...........!!!! Please REST LEADER.... Hahaha.... I am contradicting myself)


Nicky said...

Hey there cagali! Thanks for that info ..honestly, I am not aware of that "long time" denotation ..now curiouser curiouser ..

Kele said...

Hihi, i'm seriously curious to know what is it about 090909?

Is something going to happen??

Mini UFO said...

That's just my guessing for some good news. But now we know it is not some good news but leader is sick. I hope they are still holding the press conference to reveal more about leader's current condition.