Monday, September 07, 2009

[Fancam] Jung Min reaching Narita Airport 5 Sept

Found this unpost video.... haha.... wrong chronological again.... they are already back to Seoul.... Nevermind as long as you can have an extra glance of our sexy charisma. Right?

[Fancam] 050909 SS501 @ Narita Airport (Jung Min Focus)
Credit: irenelin005@youtube
Please repost with FULL CREDIT.

The Japan TS called him so affectionately.... Jung Min Kun.... :D


Deb said...

aww jung min kun is so cute hahaha!

Kele said...

ermm, what does TS stands for?

Mini UFO said...

TS = Triple S

Mini UFO said...

Erm... too short form is it....
Actually we call SS501 Double S 5-0h-1 right.

So we as the S-upporter, is the other S, so this is why it is called TripleS and short form TS