Monday, September 07, 2009

News report of SS501 in Malaysia Autograph session by 8TV

I can't find any news about the 9 Sept press con. So I give you this translation for the Autograph news report by 8TV. Almost same as other. But just translate since some of you might be curious of the news. Seems like all of the reporter don't know how to pronounce the group name. They pronounced them as S-S 5-oh-1 instead of Double S 5-oh-1. :( The only one which pronounce correctly is Evergreen IPTV.


090904 Malaysia E News 8864 Live -SS501 in Malaysia
Credit: ying5387isme@youtube + (Eng translation)

Caption: Malaysia only promotional event, promise to hold concert in Malaysia end of this year

SS501 who had just completed their photoshooting in Sabah, just held their autograph session in Petaling Jaya yesterday. Kim Hyun Joong who acted as the role of "Hanazawa Rui" of Korean Version "Boys over Flowers" was the main focus of the event.

Would SS501 act in a drama together in future?

Park Jung Min: Thank you for everybody's support for Hyun Joong. Currently all of us have received offers for acting. All 5 of us are now busy reading the scripts. Our next year plan will focus on acting and album record, hope you give us your support.

Other than that SS501 promise Malaysia fans that they would hold their concert in Malaysia at end of this year.

Regarding the fact that DBSK was rumoured to disband, they do not have much response to this. They just hope that everybody will still support korean group.

Hyun Joong: Actually we are very concentrate in our job, those complicated issues, we could not give any response. Moreover, we were from different management company, same as korean group, I hope this issue can settle properly. Both group has been performing diligently. Hope everybody give both groups your support. 

After the press conference, it is followed by the Autograph session. Letting the fans who had waiting for very long, able to see the idol face to face.

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