Monday, September 07, 2009

Hyun Joong is back to Korea

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This few days a lot of us have been worried about Hyun Joong almost fainted (in Malaysia) and down with fever (in Yokohama). All of us have been worried whether he has recovered, whether he is healthy. I don't know much, but this is the information I received.

Hyun Joong is back to Seoul at 11am today. it is not confirmed whether he did go home, but to a patient, at least being back to his country, it would be a relief. We can only think in the positive side.

His condition has stabilized. But his health is still poor. It might be caused by long term fatigue. He needs to recuperate and rest. In reality, I guess it is almost like impossible, after the short rest, he would still need to go back to the battle field.

About the Press conference on 9 September, the proud DSP refuse to reveal anything. They do not want to let the fans know too much about SS501 schedule. Sorry I can't tell you much about this.

Someone say we should protest infront of DSP..... I don't know where is DSP door  - -||

Everyone's anger and displeasure could be felt everywhere. However there is nothing much we could do, all we could do is to give him our support (although it also can't bring him health). But this is what we could do, isn't it? During this time, please keep calm and remain sober, lets quietly wait for further information.

Now, please continue to support SS501 activities, whether the Taiwan or Shanghai Concert or the Thailand concert in December, let's try our best. When Hyun Joong is fighting his battle with his sickness, we use our action to give him comfort, let him know our love to him, hope that he will be even more stronger!

I believe, in near future, his smile will be as bright as usual.


Okay, at least he is back to his own home country. Even if he don't go home, maybe his mum might come over to take care of him and at least he got to eat food with he is like as compare to food in Japan. I guess continuous travelling and non-stop training for concert/events make him sick. Hope he have enough rest till 9 Sept. Hyun Joong fighting! SS501 fighting!


Jericho said...

We can get the email address of DSP Korea from the website and send our angry/protest emails in volume like the way we voted from Leader for best actor. Think this will help?

liezle said...

Hi cagali! thanks for the translation. i didn't repost but just get the important details of your translation and direct my visitors to your blog to read further. thank you so much again for your translation and for leaving comment on my blog.

yay, i'm so curious as to what this presscon is all about. dsp announced this yesterday after announcing about the condition of leader. i hope it's nothing bad.

thanks again.


Mini UFO said...

Hi Liezle,

If you want to post this article in your blog, it is alright, so that TS that worry about leader know his condition. Sorry I have to link you to my blog just now since I m in office, I actually steal time to post this article. I just thought you are as worry as me of leader condition so I leave my comments in your blog. :(

Would try to find more about the press con which is so secretive.... Once I get more info, would post in my blog.

Mini UFO said...

Hi Jericho,

I think this entire issue is not only DSP fault. I guess leader himself also want to fulfill his promise to his fans.

Lets just continue to support them in true action by purchasing their albums and attending their concerts/ events.


Hurmutube said...

thank u sooo much..
for the trans n update ^^
i've repost this news on my blog..
with full credits,of course ^^
hope its ok ^^

u can check it whether i've done some error while reposting it,here:

thanks again ^^

~ Hurmutube/syarifah.arfah

Mini UFO said...

Hi Hurmutube,

Sorry I ask for FULL CREDIT because the original translator has requested for this else no reposting. Please understand. :)

Hurmutube said...

of course ^^
totally understands ^^

so,did i do anything wrong wile reposting it?
lol afraid ^^

liezle said...

thanks cagali for selflessly sharing your trans. hope we'll get to know more. i'm about to post maknae's airport photos taken this morning at gimpo. was hoping to see leader but only kyu was captured.


Nicky said...

Hi Cagali! Thanks for the update and making us fans less worried.

I am glad Leader is back in Korea ..hope he will be given enough time to rest. It is just worrying that he might have to come back again to Japan for that presscon on the 9th even if he is not that fit yet.

Why don't they do tele-conferencing instead!

Mini UFO said...

Now that I am reading the news about the Press con again and again. Could it be the BOF concert press con that Hyun Joong didn't attend on 6 Sept? But if it is why so secretive? And it involves the rest of the SS501 also? Hmm... very curious.... I could find NOTHING about this so far.

Could it be releasing of new album?