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Updates on leader & News report of Malaysia Autograph Session by Evergreen IPTV

Only saw a news at naver talking about yesterday event. Thanks to 바노 who post it in ss601. It is in Korean. None of the chinese/english site has translated it yet. I don't understand korean. I just use google translate. From the translation, seems like Leader still sing "Please be nice to me" & "Thank You" and he do look fatigue.

This is the original source of the news:

This is the original sentence which talks about leader:
자신을 "윤지후보다 더 재미있는 남자"라고 소개한 김현중은 심한 감기 몸살에도 SS501 멤버들과 함께 멋진 퍼포먼스를 곁들였는가 하면, 솔로로도 '제발 잘해줘' '고맙다' 등 2곡을 선보여 팬들을 열광시켰다. 

Google translate:
himself "more interesting than the men after Pepe," he introduced the SS501 members 김현중 severe cold with fever, even if gyeotdeulyeotneunga great performance, a solo as a 'Treat, please' 'thank you' to the fans and enthusiasts introduced two songs was.

Babel translate: 
Oneself " Is candidate Yun and more the man " who is fun; As the middle of the Kim present introduces with SS501 members is beautiful together even in bad cold general fatigue and when the ladling gun garnished the distant [su], even with solo ' To do well please, ' ' Grateful ' Made public a etc. 2 music and the fans was wildly excited.

To stop me and others who are worry about him from thinking about him all the time, can we have some 'distractions'. This is one of the youtube report of Malaysia Autograph session by Evergreen IPTV. It is in Mandarin. I had translated it into english. Leader was asked about "We got married". I think his answer will make a lot of "ssangchu lover" heart break.

Will keep you updated once I have news on leader.


090904 (娛樂點擊 常青台網路電視) Evergreen IPTV SS501 Malaysia Press Conference & Autograph news
Credit: forntg@youtube + (Eng text translation)
Please repost with FULL CREDIT.


Korean popular group SS501 arrived at Malaysia on 31 Aug to Kota Kinabalu to shoot their photobook. Before departing Malaysia, they spare some time to hold press conference with Malaysia Media and also an autograph session with their fans. The press conference is which was originally schedule to start at 4.30pm, was late for half an hour. In the press conference, leader Kim Hyun Joong and his group members Hoe Young Seang, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyun Joong have fun answering questions. The atmosphere of the event was very amicable.

The staff team who came together with them were around 25 person in total. The team consisted of  their managers, stylists, interpreter and also staff from korea broadcasting station. The record company had arranged for 25 security personnel to maintain order of the event. Despite having the security personnel, when SS501 arrived at the event location, the on site situation became chaotic. It is even more chaotic during the photo taking session. Even the large amount of security guards have no control over the situation.

In the press conference, SS501 revealed that they might hold their concert during December or January next year. The concert will include new songs from their new album. The Asia tour will end at around February next year. After the Asia tour concert, they might hold a 'Encore concert'.

The Korean Version "Boys over flower" drama which Kim Hyun Joong acted in received great popularity in Asia, whether other member will also go towards this direction? Let's listen to their response.

Jung Min: The "boys over flower" drama which Hyun Joong acted in received great response, thank you for all the support from fans. The other members have also received offers for acting, currently it is still under discussion and we are still reading the script. Next year, all members will have individual or group acting performance, hope all fans will give us their support." 

Korean idol group DBSK might be disband. Regarding the question if DBSK is disband, is it an advantage to SS501? They replied since both are from different genre, hope that fans would not misunderstood korean group, but continue to support them.

Hyun Joong: As an artist, we paid full concentration in our work. Regarding all these complicated issues, we do not have in-depth understanding. We are only doing our best in our role in acting and singing. In addition to it, since we are from different management company, we do not know about the actual situation now. I hope they can settle this case amicably. I hope everybody would not have any misunderstaning of korean group. We are from two different group, both working hard in our performance, hope everybody give us more support.

Leader Kim Hyun Joong was 'married' to HuangBo in 'We got married' variety show. When ask if Kim Hyun Joong is still keeping in contact with HuangBo, he replied, it was only a variety show he participating in and it was not real marriage, currently both are still good colleague.

Hyun Joong: ""We got married" was only a variety show. We do not get married for real, please do not misunderstood. We both are still good colleague. Please do not mix real life with variety show. Both of us are now conducting our artist work and life individually."

Being the first visit to malaysia, SS501 praised Malaysian for their friendliness. They were surprised to see ape (orang hutan) for the first time. The organizer has given 5 of them each a miniature Malaysia traditional instrument as momento. They like their presents very much and start playing with them  instantly. SS501 who liked to draw, start drawing on the paper provided during the press conference.

SS501 revealed that they will release their next album in Korea soon. The songs in next album will have a different theme from their previous albums. They will show a more masculine side as a prove of their maturity.

In the press conference, the reporter asked who has the most difference infront and behind stage? 4 of them instantaneously pointed to Kim Hyung Joon. Kim Hyung Joon explained that he was only showing his most natural side.

The autograph session at 6pm attracted around 1000 fans, some had purposely fly over from China, Thailand and Singapore to meet SS501. According to the record company, some fans started to queue from 7am, but they have self control and went to buy lunch to fill up their stomach. As the autograph session only admit those with ticket, and also the record company only have 1000 copies of SS501 album, some fans who came late were not able to purchase their CD and were refused entrance to the event.

The reporter went outside of the event hall for inspection and noticed that the fans were very passionate and was shocked to see unending queues.


Jericho said...

Thank you very much for all your info. Well done!

Nicky said...

Woah this is the first time Leader has been asked again about Hwangbo after a long time ^_^

Thanks for the translation Cagali!

Mini UFO said...

I read in another news report that there are some 'non-reporter' in the press con. I suspect it could be a 'Ssangchu lover' asking the question!! Will translate that piece of news once I have more time. Haha! Too much information flowing around. Not enough time! :P

Jericho said...

Hi Mini UFO,

I know this is way too back-dated, but I'm really glad to read your translation abt this very vital answer from Leader himself in M'sia when he was asked abt his relationship with Hwangbo. I dun find it anywhere else probably the Joongbo FANATICS refused to face reality n didn't wanna post or mention it.

Thanks very much for this as a confirmation of Leader's stand on this crazy issue. The Joongbo fanatics actually have forums running for thousand of pages insisting on believing that Leader and Hwangbo are gonna get married in the future. They are so crazy to just wanna to believe no matter what for their own make-believe world of romance between the two of them. This is so unbelievably morbid n it scares n gives me the creeps!

Hope u r not one of them or else I'm asking for trouble.

Mini UFO said...


Haha! Why are you reading so OLD news.... BTW, I don't know whether I remember correctly or not, I remember reading somewhere also, those person that ask Leader about whether he still contact Hwangbo is actually a ssangchuer... Seems like some non media press personal manage to sneak in the media conference and they asked this question. Too bad, the answer is not in favour to them and I found them stupid to ask in the media conference also, DO YOU THINK he will admit yes even if he did.... LOL that.

Anyway, I guess whether they are together or not, it is up to him, he has to make his own choice. and being fans we should respect his choice. That's all.


Mini UFO said...

Well, forget to answer your last sentence. Nope, I am not a ssangchuer. But once in a while I will go to the forum to read just for fun, because sometimes you will be amazed by the way the spazz about both of them. LOL. and I do read fanfics of them also. To pass time sometimes.... just treat it like you are reading novel. But less often recently, since I m occupied with this blog most of time.

There's a blog on ssangchu which I frequent last time, it is very fun to see her posting all news about noona-dongseng love article or news and of course bout Hyun Joong + Hwangbo. Call me crazy? Heee.... I read all sorta blogs....

Lastly, my stand is as long as he can find a person he love and could take good care of him, he has my blessings....

Jericho said...

Yeah I agree with u but these fanatics has gone to the extend of being unreasonable, very fiercesome n quarrelsome. That's what's the trouble with them n it's like they hv lost control. It wouldn't be so disgusting if they are mild n sweet but most of them I find are married women, this is really crazy n so puts me off. Because of such avengers-like fanatics for holding on to their "belief" they hv leave me a very bad feeling towards Hwangbo. It's like, please not her!

Whatever, whoever Leader ends up with is really according to God's plan for his life n that I accept.

Mini UFO said...

Don't hate Hwangbo because of this, I guess she is also the victim in all this spazzing...

She is a nice person and looking at her passion and work she has done in the name of God, I salute her. As an artist, to put God in the first place, it is not easy.

Whether she's with who and leader is with who... I guess it is not up to anybody but God.... :D

Jericho said...

The reason why WGM is able to drive these fanatics to such a crazy state is - LEADER! Imagine if it's some other guys I bet it won't be this popular. Agree? Isn't he really special? Incredible gd looks, charisma, presence, cute, down-right frankness, etc, etc. If not for him.