Wednesday, September 09, 2009

[News] Kim Hyun Joong confirmed contracted H1N1, staying back in Japan for Medication

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(Ent QQ News, 9 Sept, 2009, Korea) Popular Korea group leader Kim Hyun Joong was quarantine after diagnose with fever and signs of new influenza during his attendance to promotional events in Japan. Yesterday, he was confirmed to contracted with AH1N1 new influenza, and was having his medication treatment and being quarantine.

In order to promote the release of the release of Korea drama "Boys over Flowers" (Japanese Version) DVD and photobook, two day fan meeting were held in Yokohama. Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Japan on 5 Sept and show sign of fever and influenza after the first day event. He thought he would recover after medication but in the end he had to stay back in the dorm and was absent for the 2nd day event.

New album release might be affected

Contracted with high fever, Kim Hyun Joong was confirmed diagnose with H1N1 after seeking treatment in the ER. He had to stay back in Japan for treatment and quarantine. His condition has improved. Other SS501 members have return to Korea following original schedule two days ago. As the return date of Kim Hyun Joong is not confirmed, it might disrupt the plans for the 2nd album release which was originally schedule to release mid of the month. In addition to it, the original planned trip to China would be performed by the rest of the 4 members.

Malaysian fan dissatisfaction

On the other hand, previously SS501 held their autograph session in Malaysia and attracted about 1500 fans. Some had started queueing since 7am in the morning and waiting for 12 hours just to get the autograph from their idols. However, the event was arranged inproperly, the 5 members only stayed about 1 hour and left, they also limit the fans to obtain only signature of one member, causing strong dissatisfaction among the fans, some had even complaint that the signatures faded.


New info about the 2nd album release might be delayed (which we already know before hand that it WILL be delayed!), and now they said 4 members will go to China instead.

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