Wednesday, September 09, 2009

[News] Kim Hyun Joong condition has improved a lot, expressed his sorry to fans

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Currently sick bedded Kim Hyun Joong revealed through media to his beloved fans to not worry about him. He is doing very well and feeling grateful and sorry heart towards his fan.

The Kim Hyun Joong who is confirmed diagnosed with new influenza is current recuperating in Japan. He expressed his feeling through his agent. He needs to report to everybody that he is getting better and do not worry about him.

Kim Hyun Joong had received a lot of phone calls from his friend on 9 Sept morning, he mentioned: "I am sorry for letting my fans worried about me" further, he mentioned: "I am sorry to give everybody a shock, I will try my best to recover as quickly as possible and will also use the fastest time to recuperate to my original strength to meet with everybody. Hope to see you soon."

Kim Hyun Joong's condition was only confirmed on the 8 Sept after being examined. Some media has got hold of news that his body was recovering well, but actually during that time, his condition was quite serious, making people beside him very nervous.

Now the related person was more relief: "In fact, up till yesterday, his condition was more serious, we were very worried. However his condition has stabilized a lot and his voice is more energetic and his health has restored a lot." He also mentioned: "But since he is still under treatment, so currently he needs to be under medication to increase his immunity, hope that he will recover soon."

There is one manager accompanying at Kim Hyun Joong side, staying 24 hours at the quarantine zone to take care of him.

Kim Hyun Joong has originally planned to attend the Seoul Drama Award Ceremony, though there were rumours that he would definitely attend the ceremony but Kim Hyun Joong side confirmed that he would return to work only after full recovery.

A related person reveal: "Kim Hyun Joong originally has planned to attend the Seoul Drama Award giving ceremony. He wish is high but with his current condition, it could not be controlled by his willpower." Kim Hyun Joong has expressed his regrets for not attending the award giving ceremony and hope that he would have chance to participate again.

Also, Kim Hyun Joong felt most sorry for his fans, he do not know how to express the type of feelings and also felt heart pain for their concern feeling for him. He hope to get back to their side to let them see his healthy looks.


Leader, if you don't want us to worry about you, then please have a good rest. Don't think of work. Don't worry about us, but rest well, eat well and recover soon. (and also read a lot of your favourite comics and listen to your favourite Soe Taiji songs also, just relax and rest :D) As long as you recover, we would not worry of you anymore. Promise? Yak-suk-ke? You must rest okay.... We will continue to pray for you and support the rest of the members. So you don't worry about them also! :D

We will be the good TripleS that will make you proud. Even if you don't attend the Seoul Drama Award this year, we believe you will stand on the same stage again! You will always be the Universal No. 1 best leader in our heart!

P/S: If you don't rest and keep worrying about work, I am flying over to Japan to make sure you rest! :P


Na-na said...

Thank you for the post. And I absolutely agree with you on comments.

Wonderflowers said...

I confirm the comment above , what you said is exactly what has been on my mind , yeah the triple S members received the Prize on his behalf ,Congartulation kim and I pray everything goes well for him and hope he have a speedy recovery.