Wednesday, September 09, 2009

SGTripleS collecting "Get Well Messages" to Leader

Sorry.... do an advertisement for SgTriples. They are currently organizing an activity to collect "Get Well Messages" from Singapore TripleS to send to leader. (If possible, 501 messages from 501 SG green peas to leader!)
Please give them their support if you reside in Singapore as they are opening this to members and non-members for FREE. Not extra cost required to join in this activity. That's a lot of effort to compile all messages. Thank you SgTripleS for the  extra effort!


Why are they organizing this activity?
SgTripleS: "guess all of you would know by now that our dearest leader is under the weather?
in fact, he's down with H1N1 and is now receiving treatment and care at a hospital in Japan.
it's been reported that he will be confined for a period of about 15 days,
and it might be an additional five days before the docs can clear him to return to Korea.
so it does look like leader might be 'stuck' in Japan for some 15-20 days.

you know, there's a saying that goes like this,
you never knew how much they cared until you're sick.
conversely, sometimes we never knew how much we cared until he's sick."

What would they do?
They will make a "Well wishes book" compiling all the wishes from Singapore TripleS.

Using A4-sized papers, divide each sheet into 12 blocks with faint gridlines
(landscape-style: 3 columns x 4 rows; 7cm by 7cm per block)

Each of you will have one block to write your message and to sign off your name.

How would this be conducted?
Off site:

There will be ONE (and only ONE) meet-up for you to pen your messages personally.
You don't have to bring anything (writing instruments will be provided;
but you can bring really little stickers or whatever to dress up your little block)

Date: 2009.09.12 (Sat)
Time: 3pm - 5pm
Place: Outdoor area @Spinelli, Forum The Shopping Mall

If you cannot make it for that session, then just email your well wishes for leader to

Please make sure your message is succinct enough to fit into your little block, and do indicate the name you prefer to sign off by.

You may also submit a JPEG image file if you're feeling creative. They will just insert the entire image file onto your assigned block, taking into account printing buffer, do size your image file to 6cm by 6cm.

Email the messages/JPEG image file to by 10:00pm, 2009.09.11 (Friday)

Thereafter, they sort out the above, including copying your messages onto the blocks and printing them, and bind them together with a guaranteed-to-be-nice cover.

After this, how would the "Well Wishes Book" be sent to leader?
They aim to complete the collection, collation, printing, sorting and binding by 2009.09.14 (Mon), fedex the book over on 2009.09.15 (Tue), then he can have it by end of the week.

What are the rules?
- project is open only to green peas in singapore;
- members and non-members of SgTripleS fanclub are welcomed to participate;
- members' well wishes will be placed ahead of non-members (wherever possible);
- they will not be doing any english-korean translation for you;
- they will not be doing any dressing-up or decoration stuff for you.

Anything else?
They are also running a competition for the best-written letter.
Basically, they hope to have a cover letter written to leader, on behalf of the fanclub.
So they will open this to all of you to try, and they will select the best-written one to grace the front of the book.

All submissions are to reach them by 10:00pm, 2009.09.11 (Fri)

But sorry, the winning letter will NOT get a prize!
but we will ask someone to help translate this letter into korean.
(and.... they will reserve the right to post the winning letter on the forum)

More information, please go to

You would need to register to go into the forum. And registration to forum is free.....


Wanyi said...

Hi, thanks for the advertisement! I will give my message to leader through this activity for sure.

Kele said...

what is 'green peas in singapore'?


Mini UFO said...

Haha! Actually there's once SS501 gave a gift of Green peas to the TripleS, the colour of the peas is the same as the lime green of SS501 official colour.

There's a meaning for giving the gifts to TS, SS501 are the pod and we TS are the peas inside protected by them.

Thereafter, TripleS also called themselves green peas.

Hope I explain your questions. Anybody else can add on? Did I answer correctly? >.<||

bb said...

hi hi,

much thanks for the shout-out for SgTripleS' leader-get-well project :p

appreciate it much much!

Kele said...

hey thanks for the explanation! i get it now. :D

lol, my favorite color is green too! gosh! i'm gonna faint with all these craze over SS501 and especially leader, in such a short time that i get addicted to BOF.

u people are so great! always updating latest info on the boys!! wish i can have that kind of time to do something like that too. am always tied up with work and loads of work... haiz...

anyway, thanks a million!

Mini UFO said...

hi bb,

Welcome to my humble bloggie...

I am just doing my part as leader's Green Pea.... :D