Wednesday, September 09, 2009

[News] Korea star Kim Hyun Joong contracted AH1N1 Parents rush to Japan

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Acted in the role of Yoon JiHoo in KBS2 Drama "Boys over flower" and gain huge popularity SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong was confirmed diagnose with AH1N1 influenza. He is current under recuperation. Kim Hyun Joong's parent had rushed to Japan to stay by his side once receive the information.
Korean central daily new reveal on 7 Sept, Kim Hyun Joong was confirmed diagnose AH1N1 influenza, the doctors immediately treated him with Tamiflu. Currently he is receiving medical treatment.
Busy with the promotional events of "Boys over Flowers", Kim Hyun Joong had signs of fever on 6 Sept, on the next day, 7 Sept, he was sent to hospital for detail checkup, and was surprised to be diagnosed with AH1N1 influenza.
Kim Hyun Joong personal manager stay back together with him in Japan. With the consideration possible risk of infection when going back to Korea, Kim Hyun Joong has to stay back in Japan temporary.
Kim Hyun Joong management company said: "After medication, Kim Hyun Joong's condition has improved. Kim Hyun Joon will stay back in Japan for around 2 weeks. He will try to recover as soon as possible. He has good physical health and often insist to exercise. Let's pray that he will win the battle with this influenza."

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Good news! Leader's parents are with him! At least now we know he is in good care and is not battling his sickness in loneliness. A patient's greatest relief is to have his family member beside him. And I am sure his parents will make sure he get enough rest! :D
Continue to pray for his speedy recovery! Get well soon Leader!


Jericho said...

I really wonder abt their treatment in Japan, usually for H1N1 cases, nobody is allowed to go near the patient, no visitings even. They will be put in Intensive Care Unit and those who had contact with him, SS501, his managers, F4 and so on even DSP staff and fans would be watched closely that they may have the virus too.

Deb said...

omg! i just read this news...
poor hyun joong...

pray for his recovery, get well soon leader!

Nicky said...

I am glad to know that Leader's parent(s) is(are) with him in Japan. He needs parental care and support at the moment.

Praying for his speedy recovery ..get well soon Leader!

Anonymous said...

Oh...that sound soo bad
I just want to say that i hope he's healthy get better.keep survive,kim hyun joon!

katie said...

i'm having empathy on you since your suferring from swineflu, it must have been hard for you coz you might have been isolated alone,but hope that your health is going to be ok n i'll also pray to GOD for your health and also your grandmother health.
love you kim hung joong even thought you don't even know that i existed.
fom ornella [india(shillong)]