Wednesday, September 09, 2009

[News] Boyband SS501 led by Kim Hyun Joong is coming to Singapore end of this year

While busy searching around for update news on leaders condition, I overlooked on posting this piece of wonderful news..... An SS501 concert scheduled in Singapore..... Yeah! After such a long wait !! 
Thank you Lindadada at Quainte501 for translating this piece of good news!

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"Boys Over Flower" Kim Hyun Joong is giving fans in Singapore a christmas present. That is SS501's Persona Concert.

According to reliable source, boyband SS501 led by leader Kim Hyun Joong will be in Singapore before Christmas to celebrate with Singapore's fans.

Before the news is confirmed, there were already a few fans called up the company in Singapore and Korea wanting to book tickets for the concert in Singapore. Now that they are really coming to Singapore, the fans must be really happy.

Actually, SS501 isn't unfamiliar in Singapore. The leader Kim Hyun Joong acted Yoon Ji Hoo in "Boys Over Flower". With his popularity in the drama plus SS501 also sang in a few songs in the drama, their popularity shoot up.

One of their song "Because I'm Stupid" had also won the 1st ranking in 1003ufm radio station.

SS501 is having their Persona Concert after debuting for 4 years. The concert started this year 1st August in Seoul. Recently, completed their concerts in Korea and Japan. The result of the concerts were great, tickets were all sold out.

The third concert will be held in Taipei Arena. SS501 will also be doing charity work for the Taiwan's flood. For every ticket sold on the 17th October for the Taipei Persona Concert, they will donate S$20 to charity.

Defeated Lee Min Ho. Kim Hyun Joong won the best actor award.

In everyone's heart, the emo character Kim Hyun Joong is the best actor. After Boys Over Flower showed in Korea, the ratings broke 20%. Over half a year, the fever of Boys Over Flower is still on. "2009 Seoul Television Drama" the in-charge and Korea's yahoo put up a poll for voting the best drama and the best actor/actress. In the end, Boys Over Flower and Kim Hyun Joong won 22200k votes and 25500k votes respectively. Of course, they were named as the Best Drama and the Best Actor award.

Lee Min Ho was ranked behind Lee Jun Ki. Being in the 3rd place.

Goo Hye Sun who acted as "Guem Jan Di" in "Boys Over Flowers" was ranked the 3rd behind Geun Yeong Mun(1st place) and Han Hyo Joo(2nd place).


Anonymous said...

hi, do you know how to book their ticket for singapore concert?

Mini UFO said...

There is no confirmed date of the concert yet. With leader just recovering from H1N1, I guess the dates of the concert might be changed.

I will update in my blog if there are news of ticket sales, including the method to book the tickets.

babyvfan said...

thank you, could you email me at if you know the dates and how to buy the ticket? thank you so much