Thursday, September 10, 2009

DSP notice on Hyun Joong condition & other SS501 schedule on 9 Sept

Thank you for XiaoChu@Quainte for translating and sharing this piece of news. At least now we know what are the plans for the rest of the SS501 during leaders absence. Hopefully they will keep us update of leader condition once he get well.


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Hello. This is DSP Media.

I guess there are many fans who are worried when they read the news about HyunJoong getting H1N1 yesterday.

HyunJoong’s condition has improved at the moment, 
YoungSaeng, KyuJong, JungMin, HyungJoon are currently healthy without any symptoms of H1N1,
But they will be going for examination today, just in case.

There are many enquiries to the confirmed schedules due to this sudden news of HyunJoong
I shall let you know of the adjusted schedules that we’ve done so far.

For 9/11 (Fri) Drama Awards & 9/13 (Sun) KBS Special (Shenyang) Schedule
Inevitably, HyunJoong would not be able to attend, we had decided that only YoungSaeng, KyuJong and HyungJoon will attend.

For 9/11 (Fri) Drama Awards, we had originally planned for HyunJoong receiving award and SS501’s congratulatory performance,
We have arranged for YoungSaeng, KyuJong, HyungJoon to receive the award on behalf of HyunJoong,
And have their congratulatory performance (U R Man + Because I am stupid).

Even though HyunJoong would not be able to receive the award personally, we had prepared fanclub seats, so hope that many would still go for these meaningful seats to support and congratulate HyunJoong’s win for the award!!

Thank you for much concerns and encouragements,
Will work hard to be able to stand in front of everyone in a better and healthier look.
We will post up announcements again if we have any other changes to their schedules.

[ DSP Media]

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